Not Sure What to Think about Essential Oils?

essential oils

I don’t like feeling clueless…

When it comes to the health of myself and my family. Yet every time we came down with an ailment or affliction, that’s exactly how I would feel.



And frustrated.


I was slowly gleaning more knowledge about how to prepare healthy foods and opt out of toxic products in our home–but when it came to health issues–it was still the same old story—go to the doctor, get vague answers to my questions, and come home with a prescription.

That just wasn’t cutting it for me anymore.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of modern medicine in certain cases. If I’m ever in a car accident or have a broken leg, I’ll be pleased-as-punch to be in the hospital—and I’m very thankful to live in a era where we have access to knowledgeable doctors and nurses.

But what about preventing some of the horrible diseases that afflict our society? Or helping my body heal itself? Or fighting infection without wiping out all the good bacteria in my gut? Those were the questions that weren’t getting answers.

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There’s Something Missing…

Did you know…

A whopping $45 trillion per year is spent on health care world-wide, yet our culture is sicker than ever.

The USA is one of the biggest spenders on the entire globe when it comes to healthcare, yet it ranks 37th on the list of the world’s best healthcare systems.

Diseases such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, and more are on the rise as more and more people are diagnosed every day.

doterra essential oils

The Natural Solution

When I first heard about essential oils, I totally blew them off. I mean, after all, that sort of stuff is only for hippies, right? Not cow milkin’, pressure canning, homestead people like me… No way.

But as I hesitantly started to research the world of essential oils, my opinions quickly changed.

doterra essential oilsYou see, it’s hard to deny the power of plants. Humans have been using plants medicinally for thousands and thousands of years—who was I to suddenly pronounce them ineffective?

Essential oils are hydrophobic liquids that are distilled from the roots, leaves, flowers, fruit, and bark of plants. They are highly concentrated and just a little bit goes a long way.

If you’ve ever opened the lid of a bottle of essential oil, then you are well acquainted with the powerful aroma that they carry. But don’t let the tantalizing scents fool you—these little brown bottles are much more than mere perfume.

Essential oils are powerful and have a mind-boggling array of uses. Different essential oils have been shown to fight infections (even MRSA), soothe emotional issues, aid the body in healing itself, and provide families all over the world with a natural alternative to synthetic pharmaceuticals.

And it keeps getting better…

Not only have essential oils taken over my first-aid kit and medicine cabinet, but they have transformed my personal care regime and cleaning cabinet too. I also use my essential oil stash to:

• Freshen and purify the air in my home (my essential oil diffusers have completely replaced my candle collection)

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• Make all-natural, non-toxic fly sprays for my dogs, horses, goats, and cattle.

• Completely replace all the chemical cleaning products in my home. I now make all my own all-purpose sprays, toilet cleaners, stain removers, floor cleaners, and more. That saves me cash and eliminates all the nasty toxins found in commercial products.

• Make homemade salves, lip balm, soaps, scrubs, deodorant, and hand sanitizers. essential oils

I don’t go a day…

… Without reaching for a bottle of oils. My medicine cabinet is forever changed, and my family is healthier than ever. And the best part? I finally feel confident and empowered in my ability to be a healer in my home.

Are you ready to be empowered by essential oils like I am?

Email me for me information and be sure to ask how you can get wholesale pricing.


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(I am a Independent Product Consultant with doTERRA essential oils.)