Homesteading with Small Children (5 Tips from a Not-So-Perfect Mama)

homesteading with small children

 ”How on earth do you homestead with small children?”

I get that question a LOT. Honestly, I’ve been thinking about how to answer it for a while now… I haven’t addressed it yet, because, well, I haven’t been exactly sure what to say.

You see, I don’t really have a formula or schedule or routine for homesteading with kids… We just do it. As messy and chaotic and imperfect as it is, we somehow manage to get (most of) our homesteading goals accomplished and keep two small children fed, clothed, and clean happy at the same time.

I’ve never really known anything different. Being the rather impulsive, glutton-for-punishment that I am, we brought home our first dairy goats when I was 9 months pregnant. And they ended up kidding only six days after Prairie Girl was born. I guess you could say that I entered the worlds of motherhood and homesteading almost simultaneously.

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As I write this post, Prairie Girl is almost four, and Prairie Boy is one and a half. They’ve been outside with us since Day One and have never known anything different. In fact, Prairie Girl is still shocked to find out that not everyone has a milk cow or chickens. Our lifestyle isn’t special to them, it’s just “life.”

So, even though I totally do NOT consider myself an expert with really anything related to child-rearing, today I’m sharing my top five tips for raising small kids alongside your vegetables, eggs, and beef.

How to Homestead with Small Children

1. Embrace the Chaos

You wake up early, grab a cup of coffee, and sit on your front porch soaking up the morning sun–watching your chickens pecking in the yard. After breakfast, you pull on your work boots, grab a pair of gloves and head out to the garden to devote the morning to weeding, pruning, grooming, and watering.[Continue Reading]

When She Leaves…


Sometimes during the hustle and bustle of our chaotic homestead life, I catch myself silently watching Prairie Girl.

Amidst the zipping up of tiny coats, bracing against the wind, feeding hay, and filling water buckets, I remember…

I remember a small girl who would have loved nothing more than to have horses outside her bedroom window. And a wheelbarrow full of manure to push. And eggs to collect.

That girl was me.

I don’t know of many little girls whose primary dreams in life involved barns and land instead of Barbie houses and tiaras, but mine did.… [Continue Reading]

How I Used Essential Oils during my Pregnancy and Labor

I became interested in essential oils right around the time I became pregnant with Prairie Boy. However, I didn’t really start using oils very much until a few months later when the morning sickness subsided. All I could manage during those first few months was to keep the animals alive and Prairie Girl fed and clothed (barely)…

Once my energy came back, I was itching to try them out on some of the “side effects” of pregnancy.

There is a lot of conflicting information out there regarding the use of essential oils during pregnancy…

Some sources say to avoid all essential oils completely, while others say only to use select ones. To be honest, I was pretty nervous to use them at first… However, after educating myself and talking to more folks, I began to play around with them a bit more– with definite success!

Let me do a bit of “disclaiming” first:

I am not a medical professional. Please use caution when using essential oils while pregnant. The ideas below are simply what worked for me– please do your own research until you are comfortable with what you find. I only recommend using Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade oils (I use doTERRA brand). Many of the cheaper brands are impure and are NOT safe for ingestion or medicinal use.

My Favorite Essential Oils for Pregnancy and Labor

  • Lemon for morning sickness- One of the few oils I had at the beginning of my pregnancy was lemon. When a wave of nausea would hit, I would simply open the bottle and smell it. It provided instant relief. I know that ginger is recommended for morning sickness as well.
  • DigestZen for heartburn- I never get heartburn– unless I’m pregnant… DigestZen is a digestive blend made by doTERRA and a few drops of it in a capsule instantly relieved my heartburn.
  • [Continue Reading]

Prairie Boy’s Birth Story {A Natural Hospital Birth} Part Two

Click here for Part One

We loaded in the pickup and headed to town. Hubby made an effort to slow down as we bumped across the cattle guards, which was greatly appreciated… I tried to sit back and let all my muscles go completely limp during each contraction.

9 am

It took us an hour to reach the hospital on the snow packed roads. We passed off Prairie Girl to Grandma when we arrived. The receptionists and nurse who met us in the lobby kept asking if I wanted a wheelchair, but I refused. I had walked to the Labor & Delivery floor during labor with Prairie Girl, and I was determined to walk there on my own two feet again! I had several contractions on the way there. I stopped to breathe through each one.

10 am

I was relieved once we were finally in our room. I was ready to focus and get down to business. All the fears I had had about the hospital staff arguing with me over my birth plan were quickly dispelled. I had requested no IV, no constant monitoring, no time limits on labor, no restrictions on eating, and to be allowed to move around the room at will. The nurses were incredibly supportive of my requests and went out of their way to accommodate me. At one point I was sitting on the floor working through contractions and a nurse brought in some paperwork. She plopped down on the floor next to me and didn’t even blink.… [Continue Reading]