Wide open spaces, homegrown food, and mason jars…

Jill Winger

...that pretty much sums me up. I'm Jill Winger and I homestead here on the wide open spaces of Wyoming with my handy husband, two free-range children, and an unknown number of farm animals.

Several years ago, I was struck with an insatiable urge to return to my roots. It started with a compost pile, and gradually escalated into chickens, copious amounts of fresh veggies, and finally, a milk cow.
I've been digging dirt out from under my fingernails ever since, shooting photos, and sharing my adventures (and mishaps) with all of you in the process.

Thankfully, wide open spaces aren't a requirement to do this homestead-thing. Anyone can return to their roots, get back to the basics, and grow some food. I'm here to show you how. Learn More >>