How to Make Peanut Butter

how to make peanut butter

Guess what I’m doing at 9:00 on a Sunday night? 

If you guessed making homemade peanut butter, then you’d be right. (That’s what we do for a good time out here on the prairie. We’re wild like that…)

Peanut butter can actually be a very healthy food. That is, when it’s made with healthy fats and no refined sugars. Unfortunately, your typical-everyday-choosy-moms-choose-it brand of peanut butter is seriously lacking in that department. I have a jar of that certain brand of peanut butter sitting before me as we speak. The ingredients are:

Roasted peanuts (no problems there), sugar (eh, not great, but ok), molasses (ok),  fully hydrogenated rapeseed and soybean oils (Yikes!), mono and digyclerides (don’t know what these are, but they don’t sound good), and salt.

Since I discovered Azure Standard, I don’t make homemade peanut butter as much as I used to. (I can get big buckets of natural peanut butter that lasts me a long time.) However, knowing how to make your own homemade nut butters is a delicious skill to have. 😉

how to make peanut butter

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How to Make Peanut Butter

You will need:

  • 1 1/2 cups peanuts. (I used roasted and salted- see note below)
  • 1/2 teaspoon olive oil (where to buy) (you may need slightly more or less)
  • 1 tablespoon raw honey (where to buy) (optional)
  • Salt to taste (where to buy) (if you are using salted peanuts, you probably won’t need to add any extra salt.)
how to make peanut butter
Thoroughly process the peanuts in a food processor or high-powered blender until they are finely chopped. (This is the food processor I have. LOVE it.)
While the processor is running, stream in a bit of olive oil. You may have to turn off the processor for a minute, remove the lid and scrap the bottom of the bowl in order to make sure everything is incorporated well enough.
Next, stream in the honey in the same manner, if desired.
And you’re done!

Kitchen Notes:

  • You could totally start out with raw peanuts and roast them yourself. Here’s a tutorial.
  • A lot of folks make homemade peanut butter without adding any extra oil. Depending on how fresh your peanuts are, this may work for you– but you’ll need to process the nuts for a while longer to make this work.
  • Don’t like peanuts? No problem! Use this same technique to create other nut butters instead. (Almonds, cashews, etc)
  • You will need to store your homemade peanut butter in the fridge, since it’s not hydrogenated like the store-bought stuff. It won’t last for years on the shelf like the commercial peanut butters do, but I doubt it will have a chance to be around for that long anyway.
  • Your homemade peanut butter recipe should last at least a couple weeks in the fridge, if not longer
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    How to Make Peanut Butter


    • 1 1/2 cups peanuts. (I used roasted and salted)
    • 1/2 teaspoon olive oil
    • Optional: 1 tablespoon raw honey
    • Optional: Salt to taste


    1. Process peanuts in food processor or high-powered blender until finely chopped
    2. While the processor is running, stream in a bit of olive oil
    3. You may have to turn off processor a minute to remove lid and scrape bottom of bowl to incorporate everything
    4. Next, stream in honey, if desired
    5. Enjoy!

Can you imagine a PB&J made with homemade peanut butter, homemade chokecherry jelly or strawberry jam, and freshly baked bread?

THAT my friends, would be one heck of a sandwich.
how to make peanut butter


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  1. Stacey says

    we're on a no spend month and recently ran out of peanut butter which is staple on our house! we didn't want to buy more just yet so we made almond butter. it's delicious! we did a similar "recipe" although i like the idea of adding honey. we'll have to that next time.

  2. Jackie says

    I love making peanut butter! I actually buy the raw peanuts and roast them myself. When I take them out of the oven, they go right into the food processor. They are warm enough to release some of the peanut oil in the nuts, and I don't have to add any extra oils. Try it out!

  3. Lisa says

    Making your own peanut butter sounds like a great idea. That way you avoid all those preservatives in the store-bought stuff and I know for a fact that freshly made peanut butter is amazing.

  4. alwayshungry says

    Where I live peanut butter cost a fortune so I make my own.
    All I do is buy regular roasted and salted peanuts and pass them through the food processor. I don't add anything at all (as I use the nut butter for cooking savory foods as well). If you mix them enough all nuts will release their oils and go liquid, really liquid it's pretty amazing! At first it will seem that the butter is too dry but trust me keep on grinding. The more they are gound up the more runny the paste will get. I agree with Jackie, the warm factor helps, but actually it works with cold nuts as well. I think the grinding may heat them up…
    I also make my own almond and hazelnut butters the same way.
    This technique has saved me a lot of money and I know what's in it: peanuts and salt

  5. a moderate life says

    Hi Jillie! My kids LOVE peanut butter and they go through phases where that is all they will take to school for lunch. I do get the healthy kind from trader joes, but I think making my own would be more frugal and delicious! I have seen recipes using coconut oil, but I like the olive oil for a deeper more earthy flavor. Thanks for sharing this on the hearth and soul hop this week! all the best! Alex

  6. Dan says

    I agree with your assessment of most commercially available peanut butter. I constantly keep my eyes out for the "unsweetened" peanut butter – it's difficult to find if it's pasteurized (as opposed to natural with the oil rising to the top).

    Although there are still additives, I prefer pasteurized just because it's easier to spread as it doesn't need to stay in the fridge.

  7. Nisa Homey says

    Wow!!! this is one healthy post….I am going to try this….first time here…lovely space.

  8. a moderate life says

    Jillie, just wanted to chime in here again and tell you that I am featuring your peanut butter recipe and a variation on my I tried it at a moderate life this friday! Also, your assessment of the nutrition information your mother was given is a good one, most older patients get stuck on the cholesterol wagon and following doctor's orders is actually what makes them sicker and older! Such a shame! I hope your mother will listen to you at least a bit! All the best, Alex

  9. Michaela Dunn Leeper says

    I finally found a PB with 2 ingredients- peanuts & salt, yay! I haven't ventured into making PB yet, but I did make sunflower butter this past summer, and it was good. A little gritty, but good. I need a new blade for my blender, which is why I'm guessing it was gritty, but I also got a food processor for Christmas.

    Hope you can help your Mom through this!

  10. Elizabeth says

    Yum! I made it once with coconut oil, and it got too solid in the fridge. I will try with olive oil! I suppose you could use peanut oil to maintain the peanut taste? Just a thought.

  11. Sue says

    Great idea! I have made almond butter and, frankly, it's never occurred to me to make peanut butter. I will try this!

  12. Louisa says

    Just remember not to use honey if you're giving it to a child under one!

    I've never made peanut butter myself, but I HAVE made my own Nutella! Much healthier than the store-bought variety, and dairy free if that's an issue. Start with a couple cups of raw hazelnuts- roast them until they turn brown and then throw them in the food processor warm. Process until the bits start to clump together. Add about a tablespoon of a neutral-tasting oil in a stream, then add about a quarter cup of powdered sugar and a quarter cup of cocoa powder. And you're done! You could probably experiment with using alternative sweeteners, but the powdered sugar also acts as a binding agent.

    • Charity says

      children under one are too young for peanut butter. it’s consistency makes it hard for them to swallow and they could choke :(

  13. Kat says

    We make peanut butter all the time in our vitamix using velencia peanuts. We don’t add anything to them and they are naturally sweeter than other peanuts. No need for additional oils or sugars. Just creamy organic fresh peanut butter. My whole family loves it.

    • Jill says

      Good to know- I have been using Virginia peanuts, and they definitely benefit from the addition of the honey. Will look for Velencias next time!

    • Sheri says

      That’s how we make it too. Especially when I couldn’t find good natural peanut butter in the stores after a contaminated peanut scare took it off the shelves… I have a Bocsh blender. It works great! If it really needs some oil, sunflower oil is a good choice! You can even add sunflowers to the peanuts as you grind! They taste a lot alike. My family likes smooth peanut butter, so I run the blender until it’s smooth. It does fine on my counter.

  14. Summer Whelchel says

    Hey, Jill – I have heard a bunch of stuff lately about how roasted nuts are bad for you because the oils in them go rancid in the roasting process…can you tell me what your take on that is?

    • Jill says

      Hmmm… You know, I haven’t heard anything about roasting causing the oils to go rancid, but I know that grinding them can. I know that whenever you grind nuts or seeds (either for peanut butter or whole wheat flour) you need to refrigerate them immediately, as the quality of the finished product decreases rapidly and definitely turns rancid. Going to do more research on this, thanks for the heads up!

    • Jill says

      That’s a good question, Angie- It’s never around long enough for me to know the exact answer to this question. 😉 But, I think it should last for at least a couple weeks in the fridge.

  15. says

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  16. Kathi says

    Thank you! I just found your blog today and love it. We just bought 10 acres in Illinois and can’t wait to start our adventure in homesteading. I am going to try your peanut butter recipe, my husband LOVES peanut butter. I bought the “natural” peanut butter for a while but the price drove me back to the store brand, which is awful for him. I am signing up for your RSS feed!

  17. Ghada says

    I’m so glad I found this recipe cause my husband loves his peanut butter & jelly sandwich. My question is do you soak the peanuts? And which is better for the body, roasted or raw?! And would love if you have a recipe to (tomatoes sauce) cause all what out there is canes not BPA free and the tomatoes paste I found in glass jars are price?!
    Thanks a lot :)

  18. aks says

    I ran into this post today and I can’t say how excited I am to see this simple recipe! I LOVE peanut butter and can’t wait to try my hand at this homemade variety! Going through your other posts now. Thanks much!

  19. Sue says

    Thank you SO much for sharing a home made peanutbutter recipe that uses olive oil. So many other recipes have specifically said, “DO NOT USE OLIVE OIL”, and I have no idea why. I made your recipe but omitted the honey. It tasted yummy. This will be my forever recipe for home made peanut butter. I am going to try making almond butter next time by substituting almonds in place of the peanuts. Thank you do much for sharing this recipe.

  20. Katie says

    Where did you get that little liquid T. measuring glass? (the one that’s NOT a shot glass 😉 ) we used to have one that was SO awesome and handy, then the boys broke it. :-(

    • says

      I think my dad found it at a specialty kitchen shop. Sadly, I ran it through my garbage diposal, so I don’t have it anymore! :( Sure wish I could find another.

  21. says

    I just made this peanut butter and it is absolutely wonderful! I just happened upon your site recently and found this, and I’m so happy I did! I’ll definitely be making this again and again.

  22. Mary Barnard says

    I believe you can find that tiny “shot glass” measuring glass at walmart. At least I did.

  23. Cindy says

    Where do you find healthy peanuts (that you know are laden with other stuff)? We would love to try this.
    Thanks so much!

    • says

      I just get the bulk bags at my local health food store. I know some of the “name brands” have MSG in them (was shocked to see that on the label one day!)

  24. Jen says

    How do you get your bulk PB to last long enough to use it up? We buy things from azure standard too, but I have been leery of buying the PB since it goes bad fast.

    • says

      Well– I’ve had my bucket for a while, and it’s still good. It’s definitely natural, and separates like crazy (kinda a pain to stir…) but it still tastes good! I figured it’d go bad much more quickly than it has…

  25. Carol Ann says

    I used to make peanut butter regularly. I was told that peanuts sold for birds (UK) had to be fit for use human consumption, so started using them. They were smaller and had the skins on but that didn’t matter as the skins come off easy once roasted. So much cheaper! Made great peanut butter and never had any trouble with it going off. Never had to add any oil. Tried using salted roast peanuts but found it too salty, had to make more with unsalted peanuts and mix it in. Love a bit of raw honey in mine! Really enjoy your site, so much useful information, thank you!

  26. says

    We go through a lot of peanut butter around here. We’ve made it a few times, and did a huge peanut unit with the kids. We grow our own peanuts in small quantities….not nearly enough to make much peanut butter though!

  27. says

    Does anyone know if peanuts and avocado would make a good blend? Has anyone ever thought of this or tried it? If so, how did it taste? How did it turn out, and what was your recipe?

  28. Amanda says

    My 15 year old daughter just informed me last week that she is no longer eating peanut butter, because (now get this) the manufacturers are allowed so many bugs per pound to be ground in with the peanuts. Yep, bugs, spiders, things with legs….so she will be glad to know we can make it at home and check for bugs. :)

    • Catherine says

      Amanda – that is one reason I’ve gotten on a “make it at home” kick – the government has an allowance for bug parts that is NOT Zero. My personal allowance is ZERO – ooks me out to think that the roaches I’m trying to keep out of the kitchen are still sneaking in through processed foods! X-P

  29. robyn says

    someone may have already asked and i just missed it but how to you get the peanut butter so creamy? i have been doing peanuts, coconut oil a little brown sugar , or honey (whatever i have on hand) and a little salt. adding it all to my processor (ninja chopper/processor) and its tasty but really chunky. my sweet, and terribly picky 2 year old wont touch it even though peanut butter is pretty much his favorite food!

  30. Cathy D says

    Hi, it’s me again–working my way through your site! Coincidentally, I asked my Mr. to please bring a bag of raw peanuts home from the bulk store last night, with the intent to make peanut butter today! I didn’t have a recipe but knew basically what to do. When I found your site today and saw your recipe, it solidified my method and Right now I am enjoying my fresh peanut butter on apple slices. Yum! Thanks for that and TGBTG!

  31. Christy says

    I really want to make my own peanut butter, but I like to make everything in big batches. Is there anyway to process the butter after you make it in order to give it a longer shelf life?

  32. Hazel says

    I just made this peanut butter and it was great! First, I tried doing it in the blender, but it got stuck. Then I put it in the food processor and it turned out fine. You have to blend it a long time though.
    Thanks for posting this!!!=]

  33. KimD says

    could I use peanut oil instead of olive oil? and molasses instead of honey? or a little bit of molasses & honey? I was thinking since I am use to the molasses being in the store kind I might like the taste of it better in homemade.

  34. Michelle says

    I’m not a big fan of olive oil other than cooking with it. I can’t stand the smell. What about using coconut oil?

  35. Rob says

    Hey Jill, I just came across your site about getting some ideas of making my own style of peanut butter from scratch. I am a very serious in the fitness field in competition so being very strict on dieting n eating clean is an absolute necessity. I always used to go with natural old fashioned style spreads, that was until I was instantly hooked on Nuts N More High Protein Butter spreads. However, it is very pricey, so I decided on creating my own blend from scratch in my own home. You have given so many people ideas on what to use. Here is my big question, I want to experiment using flavored whey protein while blending natural peanut or almond butter in a strong style blender. Do you have any insight on using whey and how many scoops would you add to creating a 16 ounce fresh batch of peanut or almond spread? Will this be easy to add as it is a powder, or is this going to be a problem. I would eventually like to save and have my own batch of a high protein butter spread that I can have at my place rather than buying Nuts N More. Please let me know as how to do this and your experience on this. Thank you.

  36. Andi Manion says

    Since honey also works as an antibacterial, would adding honey increase the shelf life of the peanut butter and keep it from molding?