Let’s Define Homesteading


Who is the Modern-Day Homesteader?

 We’re the ones who get a thrill from shaking the hand of the farmer who raised our beef.

We’re the ones who painstakingly research the remedies of generations past to help our families heal.

We’re the ones growing tomatoes and lettuce and basil on our apartment balconies.

We’re the ones who find that kneading bread dough is almost as good as therapy.

We’re the ones who’ll spend all night out in the barn checking on a new baby goat… and never blink an eye.

We’re the ones who close our eyes and take a long slow breathe when we smell freshly cut hay or ground that is wet from rain.

We’re the ones turning our kitchens into laboratories as we attempt every DIY recipe known to man.

We’re the ones who line up all our home-canned foods in a pretty row so we can admire the fruit of our labor.

We’re the ones getting up at the crack of dawn to drive 40 miles to pick up fresh milk from the farm.

We’re the ones digging up the lawn in the front yard, despite the raised eyebrows of the neighbors, to plant our first garden.

We’re the ones who jump up and down and squeal when we finally find the first egg from our home-raised chickens.


We are modern-day homesteaders. And this is who we are.

We come from all different backgrounds.

Some of us grew up in this lifestyle of self-sufficiency, but many did not.

Some had the privilege of learning skills from our parents and grandparents, while others in our ranks have taught themselves everything they know.

Some have a couple acres, some have hundreds, and others have none.

No matter how we define homesteading, we all have one common goal:

To return to our roots. To pursue self-sufficiency. To find satisfaction from the work of our hands.

If this describes you, you’re in the right place.

Welcome Home.

 Return to Your Roots with The Prairie Homestead:

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