Prairie Boy’s Birth Story {A Natural Hospital Birth} Part Two

Prairie Girl meeting Prairie Boy for the first time

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We loaded in the pickup and headed to town. Hubby made an effort to slow down as we bumped across the cattle guards, which was greatly appreciated… I tried to sit back and let all my muscles go completely limp during each contraction.

9 am

It took us an hour to reach the hospital on the snow packed roads. We passed off Prairie Girl to Grandma when we arrived. The receptionists and nurse who met us in the lobby kept asking if I wanted a wheelchair, but I refused. I had walked to the Labor & Delivery floor during labor with Prairie Girl, and I was determined to walk there on my own two feet again! I had several contractions on the way there. I stopped to breathe through each one.

10 am

I was relieved once we were finally in our room. I was ready to focus and get down to business. All the fears I had had about the hospital staff arguing with me over my birth plan were quickly dispelled. I had requested no IV, no constant monitoring, no time limits on labor, no restrictions on eating, and to be allowed to move around the room at will. The nurses were incredibly supportive of my requests and went out of their way to accommodate me. At one point I was sitting on the floor working through contractions and a nurse brought in some paperwork. She plopped down on the floor next to me and didn’t even blink.… [Continue Reading]

Prairie Boy’s Birth Story {A Natural Hospital Birth} Part One

October 25th was a typical day at home. Prairie Girl (formerly known as Prairie Baby– that nickname won’t work anymore!) and I cut up about 20 pounds of garden tomatoes that had decided to ripen all at once and spent the day working around the house. I was 39 weeks pregnant and absolutely huge and uncomfortable. I had hoped that I would have this baby earlier, but weeks 37 & 38 had already come and gone…

I had been having lots of Braxton-Hicks contractions and crampy feelings for several weeks, but nothing productive. That evening after supper, the crampy feelings felt slightly different. But, I didn’t get too excited and didn’t even mention it to hubby.

8 pm

I put Prairie Girl to bed and sat down with hubby to watch some pig butchering videos (Yes– really. Aren’t we exciting?). I noticed the twinges started to be more regular and were coming at around 15 minutes intervals. But they were so slight that I was almost positive that they weren’t the “real” thing. I ignored them and watched how to skin a hog.

As the video finished, I got up to take a shower and head to bed. The crampy feelings became more irregular as I moved around, which made me think I was merely experiencing some practice contractions. I decided to mention it to hubby, just in case. Since it had started to snow that night, we briefly discussed what needed to be done in the barn and what vehicle to take to town if this ended up to be the real thing. But I still told him to not get too excited, since I was sure the contractions would be gone by morning.

He fell asleep, but I didn’t. The twinges kept coming, but they were still 15-20 minutes apart.… [Continue Reading]

Quick & Easy Crayon Remover (The post every parent needs to read…)

how to remove crayon

Before becoming a parent, I would have seen the title to this post and yawned…

Now that I am a parent, I consider it life-saving information.

Several months ago, Prairie Baby (I really need to start calling her something else since we’ll have another baby in the house in a few months!) discovered the joy of crayons.

And not only are they joyful on paper, but also on walls, doors, molding, furniture…. You get the idea.

My end table (a yard sale treasure that I painted, stenciled, and distressed)

So, what else is a blogger to do other than post a frantic question to their Facebook wall?

I ended up with a wealth of responses (because ya’ll are simply awesome) ranging from vinegar to those Magic Eraser thingies to Softscrub and everything in between.

After some trial and error, I knew that vinegar wouldn’t work. And my hot soapy water wasn’t cutting it either. I don’t like most Softscrubs because of the bleach, and I’ve heard mixed reviews about the safety of the Magic Erasers.

The colorful artwork

So, there I was.

I was ready to break out the paint and just cover up the scribbles, when my handy friend and neighbor, Jana, suggested using lemon essential oil.

Yeah. Ok. Worth a try, right?

It worked like magic.

I’m talking within seconds of lightly rubbing the marks with a drop or two of lemon oil on my finger, they were gone.

Going, Going…


No elbow grease, no sweat, no chemicals. Wahoo!

Here are just a couple tips to keep in mind:

  • I’m not sure this will work so great on flat paint. I used it on a satin paint as well as semi-gloss with great success. But, flat paint smudges so badly, I’m not sure anything would help that.
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Interview with Authors of Super Nutrition for Babies (Plus a Giveaway!)


Considering my recent announcement, I was thrilled to be offered a chance to check out the new book, Super Nutrition for Babies by Katherine Erlich M.D. and Kelly Genzlinger C.N.C/C.M.T.A. (This is not an eBook- it’s a 240-page paperback.)

Upon it’s arrival, I was excited to discover that this book is “rebellious” as I am when it comes to our society’s ideas of how children should be fed. Not only do they recommend raw milk for kiddos (Raw is all Prairie Baby has ever had…) but they whole-heartedly advise against rice cereal (I can’t stand the stuff!) and conventional “kid” junk, aka ‘health’, foods. Yee-haw!

This book is written from a traditional foods perspective (think Weston A. Price style), and has no problem tackling the controversial aspects of feeding your kids. Not only will you find lists and guidelines for feeding babies and toddlers of all ages, there are plenty of recipes packed into the pages as well.

I was thrilled to also have the chance to ask the authors a few questions of my own. Check out their responses below, and after that find out how 2 lucky readers will win a copy of Super Nutrition for Babies! 

(My questions are in green- the authors’ answers are in black)

Q1. My husband has had severe environmental allergies, food allergies, and asthma since childhood. Our firstborn daughter is (so far) free from any of these conditions. (I have been very particular about her diet and breastfed her for over a year) In your experience(s), what are the chances that our future children will possess these problems if we are careful about proper nutrition?

A1. There is no way to ensure that your daughter or other future children won’t have similar allergic conditions to your husband. But by feeding yourselves and your children the cleanest and most nutritious of diets, you will be improving your family’s ability to detoxify and enable your bodies to work most efficiently.… [Continue Reading]