How to Make Yogurt in a Mason Jar



  1. Fill jars with milk, leaving 2 inches room at top
  2. Optional: To prevent jars rattling, place small dishrag in bottom of pot before you set the jars inside
  3. Set jars in stockpot and fill pot with water 3/4 of the way up the sides of jars
  4. Bring water to a boil and simmer until milk in jars have reached 180-185 degrees F or until a “skin” forms on top of milk
  5. Carefully remove HOT jars from pot and allow to cool to 110-120 degrees F (I loosely cover jars with lid and leave 30-60 minute)
  6. Check periodically with thermometer (or feel outside of jars) and stir (warm is good but too would kill your active cultures)
  7. Once cooled, gently stir about 2 Tablespoons yogurt into each jar and cap jars
  8. To keep yogurt at 110-120 degrees while it incubates place jars in a small cooler
  9. Then fill cooler with warm water
  10. You might need to replenish/reheat water once or twice throughout the process
  11. Allow the yogurt to incubate a minimum of 8-12 hours (the longer it sits, the tangier it gets)
  12. When done, remove from cooler and put jars in fridge where it will continue to thicken
  13. Cool completely before eating
  14. Eat plain or flavor to your liking- our favorite toppings are fresh fruit, maple syrup, raw honey, homemade jam, or nuts!