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  1. Alton brown has a great recipe for homemade mayo that my family loves there are 2 parts to this video but this is such a simple mayo recipe that I have to share it when I can

  2. Hey,
    I was wondering if you have GF recipes?

  3. Recipe request. Sorry I can’t seem to find this on the recipe list. I am sure my aunt told me her caramel apple dip recipe was from your site. Is there any chance you could email me the link. I can’t seem to find it. Thanks!

  4. Elizabeth McCool says:

    Love your website!!!!! Would you by chance have any ideas as to substitute oreo cookies with some other healthy alternative that may taste similiar???? Mu husband loves them, and I wanted to make a healthier alternative then the store bought.

    • Good question! I don’t personally have a recipe, but it seems like I saw one the other day for “homemade oreos.” It might have been on pinterest, or you might try googling it. :)

  5. Hello again, ‘Tis I…Hee hee! So, I have a little predicament; I can’t find some of your posts. I looked all over your blog and couldn’t find the specific posts I was looking for. I was looking for your “five things i never buy at the store” post, (to find the link to the hot cocoa recipe :-) ) and I just could not find it!!! Thankfully, I realized I had saved the link to the recipe, it was some of the best hot chocolate i have ever had! But I was wondering, were do you keep your posts? Like, where do I click? (other than my e-mail ;-) ) Thank you for all the wonderful things you post! I come to this blog every time I get on the computer!!

    • Well– most of my recipes should be on this page, and my DIY projects have a special page as well. But if you can’t find something there, try the search bar over in the sidebar. Hope that helps!