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Jill Winger

Owner/Blogger at The Prairie Homestead
Hey! I'm Jill. I'm all about cooking from scratch, getting dirt under my fingernails, hoarding mason jars, and trying not to kill stuff in my garden. I firmly believe that anyone can be a homesteader. Stick around, and I'll show ya the ropes!

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  1. Alton brown has a great recipe for homemade mayo that my family loves there are 2 parts to this video but this is such a simple mayo recipe that I have to share it when I can

  2. Hey,
    I was wondering if you have GF recipes?

  3. Recipe request. Sorry I can’t seem to find this on the recipe list. I am sure my aunt told me her caramel apple dip recipe was from your site. Is there any chance you could email me the link. I can’t seem to find it. Thanks!

  4. Elizabeth McCool says:

    Love your website!!!!! Would you by chance have any ideas as to substitute oreo cookies with some other healthy alternative that may taste similiar???? Mu husband loves them, and I wanted to make a healthier alternative then the store bought.

    • Good question! I don’t personally have a recipe, but it seems like I saw one the other day for “homemade oreos.” It might have been on pinterest, or you might try googling it. :)

  5. Hello again, ‘Tis I…Hee hee! So, I have a little predicament; I can’t find some of your posts. I looked all over your blog and couldn’t find the specific posts I was looking for. I was looking for your “five things i never buy at the store” post, (to find the link to the hot cocoa recipe :-) ) and I just could not find it!!! Thankfully, I realized I had saved the link to the recipe, it was some of the best hot chocolate i have ever had! But I was wondering, were do you keep your posts? Like, where do I click? (other than my e-mail ;-) ) Thank you for all the wonderful things you post! I come to this blog every time I get on the computer!!

    • Well– most of my recipes should be on this page, and my DIY projects have a special page as well. But if you can’t find something there, try the search bar over in the sidebar. Hope that helps!