How to Get Started with Essential Oils

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That’s the #1 word that comes to my mind when people ask how essential oils have benefited me.

I used to feel frustrated and stuck whenever someone in my family was dealing with a health issue. I was completely dependent on the medications I could purchase at the local drugstore, and when those weren’t enough, my only other choice was to drive to town to see the doctor… I had no knowledge, no tools and frankly, no clue.

Oh man, I was skeptical when I first heard about “those oils”! It seemed borderline insane that a smelly substance in a bottle could do anything more than, well, smell nice. The first time they worked, I chalked it up to pure coincidence. But then they worked again. And again. And again. And I finally had to admit there was something to this…

Our modern healthcare system is broken folks…

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of modern medicine in certain cases. If I’m ever in a car accident or have a broken leg, I’ll be pleased-as-punch to be in the hospital. I’m very thankful to live in a era where we have access to knowledgeable doctors and nurses.

But what about preventing some of the horrible diseases that afflict our society? Or helping my body heal itself? Or fighting infection without wiping out all the good bacteria in my gut? Those were the questions that weren’t getting answers.

essential oils

Enter Essential Oils

It’s hard to deny the power of plants, and humans have been using plants as medicine for thousands and thousands of years

If you’ve ever opened the lid of a bottle of essential oil, then you are well acquainted with the powerful aroma that they carry. But don’t let the tantalizing scents fool you—these little brown bottles are much more than mere perfume.

Essential oils are powerful and have a mind-boggling array of uses. We use essentials oils on a regular basis to support our immune, digestive, and respiratory systems, and have found amazing benefits in using the oils to aid in emotional healing and release as well.

Essential Oils Have Changed My Life…

Yeah… I was a skeptic for a while too, but I now use essential oils on a daily basis in every area of my home. My home and cupboards have been completely transformed, and I am now empowered with the tools and knowledge to care for my family.

And They Can Change Your Life Too

There is a lot of discussion about different essential oil companies, and I’ve spent hours researching all the different options. But I have come to the conclusion time and time again that doTERRA is the company for me. They are outrageously committed to sourcing the best oils in the world and providing us with top-of-the-line quality. doTERRA essential oils are unadulterated, chemical-free, and incredibly effective.

how to buy essential oils

There are lots of essential oil teams out there, why should I join yours?

One word: support. As a Diamond Wellness Advocate, I, along with my team, am committed to providing you with all the support you need to use your essential oils safely and effectively. We are all about results!

As a member of my team, you will have access to:

  • Our private team training website–it’s packed full of videos, trainings, downloads, and more.
  • Our private Facebook support groups. Have a question? This is the place to ask!
  • Our monthly team calls, webinars, and trainings.
  • A personal mentor who will walk you through every step of your essential oil journey.

How do I Get Started?

I recommend starting with a wholesale membership, even if you are brand-new to the idea of essential oils. As a wholesale member (Wellness Advocate), you’ll enjoy:

  • Wholesale pricing on everything you order (that’s a savings of 25% on everything you buy)
  • The ability to start off with a special enrollment kit
  • No minimums, quotas, or obligations
  • Tons of trainings from me and my team.

You’ll also have the chance to take advantage of the Loyalty Rewards Program, which gives you even deeper savings, on top of your 25% off!


It only costs $35 for an entire year’s membership (that’s cheaper than Costco!), and you get an even better deal with you sign up with a kit! 

How Do I Get a Kit?

One of the main benefits of signing up with a Wellness Advocate/wholesale account is that you have the option of purchasing an enrollment kit. These kits allow you to start right off with all the most popular oils–plus your enrollment fee is automatically included.


The Home Essentials Kit ($275) has the main oils that myself and my team members use on a daily basis. I’ll walk you through everything that’s included in the kit in this short video and explain another kit as well– the Natural Solutions Kit–this is my team’s #1 favorite kit:

(NOTE: doTERRA recently made a few changes in their kits. This video does NOT reflect the changes. However, the graphics on this page are correct)

To see the other enrollment kit options (and prices), click here





Diffusing essential oils is one of my favorite ways to use them. In addition to making my home smell wonderful, diffusing also is effective in clearing airways and providing mood support. When you join my team during the month of October with certain kits, I’ll throw in some extra diffuser goodness for you!

Start with a Home Essentials Kit and I’ll throw in:

  • an Aromafier portable diffuser (can run via batteries or USB)
  • an idea sheet that includes my favorite diffuser recipes
  • exclusive access to a live Essential Oils 101 online event where I’ll teach you exactly how to use your oils and you can ask questions too!

Start with a Natural Solutions Kit (or larger) and I’ll throw in:

  • an Aromafier portable diffuser (can run via batteries or USB)
  • an idea sheet that includes my favorite diffuser recipes
  • a bottle of Wild Orange and White Fir (two of my favorite oils to diffuse)
  • exclusive access to a live Essential Oils 101 online event where I’ll teach you exactly how to use your oils and you can ask questions too!

An Impromptu Video Explaining the Promo (complete with turkey photobomb)


Are there any required minimums?

Nope– you can order as frequently (or infrequently) as you like.

C’mon, what’s the catch?

There isn’t one! There are no hidden fees, obligations, quotas, minimums, or strings-attached. Just high-quality essential oils, and as much help and support as you need.

Do I have to commit to sell the oils to sign up as a wholesale member?

Nope! Although building a team is an option, it is absolutely NOT a requirement as a wholesale member.

Do I have to start with a kit?

No, the kits are optional–but definitely the best value.

What’s the Loyalty Rewards Program?

The Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) is the smartest way to buy doTERRA. The LRP is an optional monthly autoship program that rewards you for placing regular orders. Bascially, you get free stuff for being a loyal customer.I have personally earned thousands of dollars in free oils since I joined the Loyalty Rewards Program (and that doesn’t even include all the free Products of the Month I’ve received!)


How do I get access to the Facebook groups, team website, and trainings?

After you sign up, you can expect to receive a welcome email from me within a couple of business days. If you haven’t seen the welcome email by then, let me know and I’ll make sure you get access!



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