A collection of the best Do-It-Yourself tips and tricks from The Prairie Homestead.

(Kitchen and food related tutorials can be found HERE.)

For the Barnyard:


For the Garden:


For the Home:


For the Medicine Cabinet

Decor Projects:




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Jill Winger

Owner/Blogger at The Prairie Homestead
Hey! I'm Jill. I'm all about cooking from scratch, getting dirt under my fingernails, hoarding mason jars, and trying not to kill stuff in my garden. I firmly believe that anyone can be a homesteader. Stick around, and I'll show ya the ropes!


  1. Where are the plants grown that come to make these essential oils?

    • doTERRA essential oils come from plants sourced all over the world– the lavender comes from France and the Frankincense from Oman, Jordan– just to name a few.

  2. Tedi McQuistion says:

    Hi Jill.
    I love your website. I am very interested in know if you have Gluten free recipe for your homemade tortilla?

  3. Do you know of a natural way to cure hams and bacon without using the nitrates?