Our Homestead

2011- Our first time haying our own pasture

Many of you have been interested in the details of my own homestead, so here is a little more info for the curious.

We purchased our little piece of Wyoming in July of 2008.

As far as we can tell, the original homestead was established around 1910. It had been very neglected for many years, but since we were looking for a fixer-upper, we were beyond excited to find it. Thankfully, the seller had completely remodeled the house, so we got the best of both worlds: an old-fashioned house with lots of character, but still brand new sheetrock, flooring, cabinets, and appliances.

Our little house sits on 67 acres of Wyoming prairie, surrounded by sprawling ranches. No subdivisions or HOAs for us!

Many modern homesteaders have to start from scratch with their outbuildings, so we were very thankful that a large barn, chicken coop, and shop came with the property. Since purchasing our homestead, we have logged countless hours hauling away trash, mowing, fencing, roofing, painting, remodeling, and landscaping. But, we have loved every minute of it and have many more exciting plans for the future.

Oakley the Milk Cow

The Lifestyle:

Though we didn’t purchase our land with the intention of becoming part of the modern-day homesteading movement, we quickly fell in love with the idea as we began to explore options for our property. And to think that it all began with a compost pile

My husband and I both enjoy a bit of adventure in life, so the harsh weather and unpredictability of living 30+ miles from town doesn’t bother us at all.

Some people pity our lifestyle. Some people envy it. I suppose regardless of what side you lean towards, you can come to the honest conclusion that we are just a little bit crazy. After all, as I’ve said before, we tend to thrive on just a little bit of organized chaos around here. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Click here for a photo tour of our homestead.

Food Production:

It is our goal to produce as much of our food from our land as is possible. So far, we are meeting that goal with several vegetable gardens, chickens, dairy goats, pigs, and a Brown Swiss milk cow. The horses, dogs, and barn cats round out the zoo. We were “animal people” long before we started our homestead, so getting more critters hasn’t been much of a sacrifice. We recently started butchering our own grass-fed beef, and we also fill our freezer with wild game whenever we can.

We’ve found that producing foods as naturally as possible not only makes for an ultimately superior end product, but also eliminates a lot of hassle and expense.

Anyway, if you stick around long enough, there is bound to be some sort of excitement. From tornadoes to old-fashioned blizzards, grasshopper plagues to snakes in my house, there is never a dull moment around here! We are so glad you decided to visit our little homestead on the prairie- enjoy your stay!

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