How to Make Fromage Blanc {Raw, Cultured Soft Cheese}



  1. Warm milk to around 80 degrees, unless you’ve just milked, then simply strain and use right away without heating because the mesophilic culture just likes warmish temps (not hot)
  2. Pour into glass jar and sprinkle mesophilic culture on top
  3. Gently stir and mix in your rennet/water mixture
  4. Cover jar loosely (a small piece of fabric and rubber band work)
  5. Allow to culture at room temperature 24 hours
  6. Milk should look somewhat like yogurt, with possibly some whey starting to separate
  7. Dump curd into a piece of cheesecloth and tie into a bag
  8. Hang bag for 4-6 hours allowing whey to drain out
  9. Tip: Tie ends of bag in a knot around a wooden spoon, and place spoon over mouth of large pitcher to collect whey
  10. Store finished cheese in fridge– it should last a week or longer