What if...
           you could fulfill your homesteading dreams,
                         without having to relocate?

A homesteader doesn’t have to be someone who lives on hundreds of acres with the perfect red barn and white picket fence.

Today's homesteaders live in apartments in the middle of the asphalt jungle, in suburbia with mini-vans, and on a few acres on the outskirts of town.

Wherever you live right now... That is your homestead. 

         Bring Your Homesteading Dreams to Life
                  with Your Custom Homestead! 

Work through a 21-day plan which walks you through the prep-work and processes of beginning a homesteading lifestyle

+ Formulate a homestead mission statement and set actionable goals

+ Gain strategies for navigating restrictive homeowners associations

+ Learn how to embrace your current location, no matter how unlikely it may be!

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  • A wonderfully inspiring book, sure to encourage any would-be homesteader to just get out there and make it happen!”


    Kendra Lynne

    Blogger at New Life on a Homestead
  • This book is amazing! Usually I never finish a "How To" book because I feel I have to start the steps now to fully understand what the author is talking about. But, I couldn't put my computer down until I had read every last page.... Jill does a wonderful job explaining not only the steps & rewards of Homesteading, but also the possible pitfalls."


    Reader & Happy Customer
  • Practical, inspirational, real. I’ve been at this for years, and I still found her organization tips to be helpful. Buy the book, and get started where you are with what you have.”


    Laurie Neverman

    Blogger at Common Sense Homesteading
  • Exactly what I was looking for and didn't even know it! We have been transitioning to this kind of lifestyle for the last couple of years and I am excited to find this affordable resource to pull it all together. All the information out there can be so overwhelming, yet Jill has distilled the important points for getting started into organized, realistic steps with a warm, engaging, and encouraging writing style."


    Reader & Happy Customer
  • ...Urban and rural readers who put her eBook into practice will walk away with clear goals as well as a renewed hope for homesteading..This book will help you think through your goals in an organized way..." 

    Amy Walker

    Blogger at Homestead Revival homesteadrevival.blogspot.com 

Jill Winger

About Jill

Jill Winger is a wife, mom of two, and modern day homesteader who resides on the wide open prairie of Wyoming. She has had a deep-rooted passion for the rural way of life since a young age, and loves helping others return to their roots and pursue a more wholesome lifestyle.
Jill is the author of the popular homesteading blog, The Prairie Homestead, where she shares from-scratch recipes, natural remedies, and inspiration for those pursuing a homestead lifestyle of their own. 

Jill is also the author of Natural Homestead, 40+ Recipes for Natural Critters & Crops