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  1. Maravene Heaver Stum says:

    Where can we find good old cloth diapers?
    Reasonably priced!

    • Hey Maravene,
      Are you referring to the old-fashioned cloth ones that you have to fold each time? I get those in the baby section of places like Walmart or Target. (Or, you might check Amazon.) That’s what I use for my cheesemaking/kitchen straining tasks.

      But if you are looking for cloth diapers for actually diapering a baby, there are a variety of websites that are good places to check for sales. Nikki’s Diapers and Cloth Diaper Outlet come to mind. :)

      • Make them! create a capital “I” the size you want and sew felt together. I liked to use a couple short pieces through the middle inside the diaper. you can pin these or sew on Velcro pieces. The back top of the “I” can also be a bit longer to stretch the use of size a bit longer.

  2. Jackie Green says:

    Trying to contact prairiehomestead to find out why the ebook I ordered yesterday did not appear in my email or download. I saw it come through my checking account but no ebook or email from your website came through. Please advise. Transaction said CJWINGER 4029357733.
    thank you,
    Jackie Green

  3. Hello Jill, do you sell essential oils like Valor, Aroma Life, Abundance, etc?

  4. So glad I came across your site this morning. I started on a real foods journey about 15 yrs ago when my youngest son was diagnosed with acid reflux, and had to be taken off prescribed medication because of the side affects. That is a story in itself but it sent me on a journey into the world of food, or today more appropriately called foodstuffs, because I believe what’s available on store shelves is more “stuff” than food. I love reading your page. I admire the enthusiasm and unapologetic position on rendering fats, making butter…..I have experienced exactly the reactions you describe of people who ask, “you make what?’ and then slowly disappear as if you just told them you might have something contagious. :-) I’ve been making butter for about five years and have an almost unlimited supply of raw cream, which means I can make at least 4 lbs of butter a week. I use it for everything, and usually have a pound or two left at the end of the week. I clarify whatever is leftover and if you’ve never used clarified butter for frying and baking you are really missing out. It’s a great addition to my tallow and lard and makes the absolute best oven potatoes you’ll ever have. Thanks again for your site. It is just a pleasure to read.

  5. I’m just wondering if the essential oils u use r ok to put in homemade soap?

  6. Where do I get the gamma seal lids?

  7. Could you please tell me how to get your facial cleansing supply’s you used on your face for clear skin?

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