Contrary to popular belief, a homesteader doesn’t have to be someone who lives on hundreds of acres with the perfect red barn and white picket fence.

They live in apartments in the middle of the asphalt jungle. And in suburbia with mini-vans. And on a few acres on the outskirts of town.

Your Custom Homestead takes you through a 21-day process of moving closer to your homesteading dreams, no matter where you may live.

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how to use essential oilsBeen wanting to learn more about essential oils, but not quite sure where to start?

I use essential oils nearly every day on our homestead, and I wrote this 30-page eBook to share my best tips for successfully using essential oils for cleaning, cooking, medicinal uses, and even in the barnyard!

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful book :) I’m new to soaking grains and this will be a great learning tool.

  2. Hi – I am new to your website – some very interesting info- I love reading about your goaties! I would be very happy to read your book if possible. I have a friend who soaks her grains and I would like to learn more. Thanks!

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    HI- I too am new to your website but very glad to find it and look forward to reading and trying out recipes in your book. Thank you so very much for offering it!

  4. I’m a fan. We just built a modified version of your milking stand, making it mobile. There will be a blog post up on it on our blog fairly soonish.

  5. I subscribe to you! Please email me your e-book! Thanks! :)

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  7. I just subscribed (and found) your blog not long ago. I would love to have the soaked grains ebook. Sounds like a wonderful addition to baking. Do you have a way to print your recipes from your blog? I am anxious to try your whole wheat tortillas recipe that you just put on. I would rather not print with all the color and extras, if possible. Thanks. Oh yea…where are you at in WY? We are in western SD.

    • For printing, I would suggest copying and pasting the recipe into a Word doc or Wordpad. Then you can delete any pictures you don’t want and save on that color ink!

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    Hi Jill,

    Thanks for your website and and ebook, I recently subscribed and really enjoy the articles (especially regarding your goats).

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    I subscribe to you!! I enjoy all your articles and the info I am gleaning!! Thank you! :)

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    I love your website and it is one of my favorites. I am a subscriber and would love to have your ebook also. Thank you for all the wonderful information you have on your site. I am learning so much from you.

    Thank you

  17. I have recently subscribed to your blog and I love it. We have started our own real food journey as well as a homestead lifestyle and your blog has been very inspiring. I have my own grain mill and can’t wait to use it and this book sounds great. Thank you.

  18. I have been a subscriber for a short time. I’m enjoying learning more about homesteading and eating real foods.

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    Yes, please! As we start this journey, I need lots of help and ideas, and this one sounds fabulous! Thanks!

  20. I just found your site and it looks great. I am trying to maintain a small “homestead” on my 1/4 acre suburban lot as well as eat a healthy diet and make things from scratch. I would love a copy of your free soaking grains e-book. Thanks!

  21. Thank you for offering this e-book. I know it will teach this “old dog” some new tricks!

  22. I’d love to receive the free ebook on soaking grains, I’ve been interested and confused for some time!
    Thank you!

  23. This will be a neat procedure to add to my cooking repertoire. Thank you.

  24. I just subscribed and am relly looking forward to trying out some of these soaked grain recipes.
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  36. Hello – We’re slowly working on our homesteading, I’ve really been enjoying your blog! I would love to read the ebook on soaking grains, I’ve been looking into it.

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  42. i sub via reader- and have for a long time :)

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  44. Hi, I have been a suscriber for a little bit and just venturing into the world of soaked grains. Your site is great! Please send a copy fo Soaking grains Thank you so much

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  46. I just recently started soaking grains, and would love to expand my knowledge!!!

  47. I just found and subscribed to your blog/website! I’m excited to be reading it more and more. I would LOVE to have the free Ebook on Soaking Grains. Thank you!!! I have my own little homestead in an Omaha NE suburb. :-)

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    I subscribed! Can’t wait to read the e-book! I’m fairly new to soaking grains and need more recipes to try! Thank you :)

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  68. I just subscribed. I’ll admit I have no real idea what soaking grains is about but I’m trying to put all the pieces together as to whether or not I should be storing some whole grains and then what to do with them – so I’m hoping this book helps.

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  70. I just subscribed, and can’t wait to read the e-book! Can’t believe I haven’t stumbled across your website until now…

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    Ontario, Canada

  72. Just subscribed. Been reading a lot about this. One of the sites I follow had a bunch or experts and some suggested avoiding grains altogether. I am not there yet…or at least the family isn’t. So this will be some good information. Thanks

  73. Thanks for all of the great posts and information contained within! I love your goat blog and admire your “crazy” trait of making your own way. I’m subscribing and would love to read more in the ebook as well!


  74. Amy Hughes says:

    I am subscribing…looking fwd to the ebook. Oats soaking for a bake inthe am!

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    I am just learning the benefits of soaking, I have not acutally done it yet. So any info I can get is great! I would love the book. :) Thank you!

  77. SO glad I found The Homestead Barn Hop :) your site is a fabulous addition to all the research I’ve been putting in over the years, learning how to live off-grid and networking with others who do so. I’m learning about the homesteading movement as well now, which has similar threads to it, and am enjoying all I find in the journey here too. I’ve just subscribed to the Barn Hop via email, and look forward to both the ebook and to reading what comes next!! :)
    peace and forward progress in your journey as well!

  78. I would love a copy of this book. I just signed up to receive the blog by email, but didn’t do it because of this ;) I really love your content!! Great blog :)

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    Big thanks

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  83. Hi Jill,

    I found your blog yesterday and have enjoyed it so much. The ebook sounds interesting and would like to read and learn from it and thank you.


  84. Love your blog! 2nd year on our 3 1/2 acre homestead and 1st year to have (43) chickens! We are new to all this so I can’t tell you how helpful your info on chickens has been. Last week we finally got an egg…what a joy to go to the barn and see that first egg laying in the nesting box…silly, I know, but when you’ve waited months for this day, it’s pretty special!!! I too would love the ebook if is still available.

  85. I just subscribed. I would love your ebook!

  86. New to Homesteading…learning daily! Great site! Keep it up!

  87. I have been trying to be self sufficient and hoping to be off grid within 10 years…want to learn as much as I can! :-)

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  93. Hi Jill,

    I was born and raised in Wyoming and still consider it home. The largest portion of my family still live there and I make it home as often as possible. Your photos make me homesick!! Thank you in advance for the ebook. Looking forward to sharing homesteading adventures with you!!

  94. Hi Jill!!

    I am very excited that I stumbled upon your site! We’re beginning the “self-sufficiency/homesteading” process. We’re planning on getting a few goats this next spring, for our dairy supply, so I love seeing what’s going on with your and yours. Thanks for the wonderful posts! Would love to get a copy of your free book on soaking grains!

    Thanks, Holly

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    Thank you so much for the exciting information your site has shared. I also would love to learn about soaking grains and will certainly share this site with other WAPF followers!
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  106. I just subscribed (at least I hope it worked)!! I fall into the “I have no idea what you are talking about” camp. I have just started my research about homesteading… and it was unintentional. However, I am intrigued!! Thanks for your all your work to help make this more clear.

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    I just found your blog through Real Food Kitchen Tour, and would love the free e-book on soaking grains!

  109. I’d love the free ebook. This is a subject I’m interested in learning and experimenting in. Thanks!

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    I’ve subscribed to your site and would love to receive a copy of the e-book. I’ve experimented a little with soaking grains but would love some more information!

    Found your site thru Cheeseslave’s kitchen tour and am looking forward to reading more of your lovely posts.


  111. Hi Jill, just signed up to follow your blog today. I heard about it after Annmarie over at Cheeseslave posted about you. I LOVE your blog!!! We have 6.5 acres irrigated pasture in Northern Colorado and have a horse, cow, and dog, as well my sweet 3 1/2 year old daughter. We also hunt and are planning on milking our cow this summer when she freshens. (We think she’s a Belted Galloway/Dutch Belted cross) Our covenants currently don’t allow for chickens, but I am working on that (yes, we can have horses, cattle, sheep and goats, but no poultry. Go figure!) We currently get raw milk from a local grassfed organic dairy, and I barter my homemade moz cheese for farm fresh eggs. We pretty much eat the same as ya’ll up there, so I am thrilled to get more ideas! I had to laugh at the picture in your kitchen with your books- all of which are on MY kitchen shelf! Don’t you love how Weston Price friendly Julia Child’s french recipes are??!! Anywho, I have purchased a 50lb bag of wheat, and just bought an old Magic Mill off of craigslist, so I am “set” to grind my own flour, but don’t know much about it, or on soaking grains for that matter. Looking forward to reading the Ebook you suggest! On buying wheat, I bought Red Winter wheat, because that is what is locally grown around here, but now I am worried that it might not be good for baking??? Your thoughts???? Thanks! -Cathy

    • Cathy! I’m thinking we are kindred spirits for sure! Sounds like you have a awesome start to your homestead- way to go! And that is insane that your covenants allow all those animals except chickens…. hope you can get that changed soon. Hard Red Winter wheat is all that I can get locally as well (I don’t think we live too far apart from each other!). But, I like to order Hard White from Azure Standard. The Red works perfectly fine for everything, but the White is a little more mild, and makes an easier transition for those that don’t “love” whole wheat products.

  112. Jill, do you have access to my email via your view of the comments? Just curious. I would love to meet up with you if we live close enough. (I could field trip up with my daughter during a good weather spell) I’ve got so many questions and it would be fun to commune with a kindred spirit. (We love Jesus, too) :)

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  115. This has been something that I’ve been curious about. Especially since we just started our REAL food journey.

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  120. I have just started the real food journey for our family and am still unsure if soaking grains is worth the time. I have done it once and do like the lighter texture. Didn’t know if this book would answer those questions…

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  126. I’m a subscriber to your website, and I’m really looking forward to learning more about soaking grains. Thank you! =)

  127. I’m a subscriber to your website, and I’m really looking forward to learning more about soaking grains

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  149. I enjoy your blog and am learning so much about soaking etc. It is all so new to me. Can’t wait to see the book.

  150. I am a subscriber and would love to receive your book. I have been making bread and pancakes at home for a while and would love to find out how soaking would make those better. thanks again and merry Christmas!!

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  162. Hi! Have been a subscriber for a few weeks and just saw your note about the e-book on soaking grains. Thanks for sharing this with your readers; I’m looking forward to reading about how to get even more nutritional value out of grains!

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  168. Just happened on you’re website today and will see it will be a valuable resource. I have chickens, goats, been cooking almost everything from scratch for a year now. getting my feet wet slowly but surely. I have been researching greenhouses, gardening and have decided to go with hydroponics for majority of it, but not getting in a hurry until I have a plan :). Natural and organic is the way to go, but some items at a health food store are soooo expensive especially prepared food. I am going to have to ponder on that one for a while. very overwhelming.

  169. I just found your website and subscribed. I am excited about the ebook too. I am just learning about soaking grains and new to the topic.

  170. I just found your Web site when searching for information on raw butter and molds. I’m so glad I stumbled by! I’d love the ebook and I’ll be following your RSS feed for sure.

  171. Wow! I just discovered your site and love it! Are you still giving out the free ebook, ’cause it sounds plumb interesting!!

  172. I am enjoying your site so much. Thanks for the e-book. I have always tried to cook whole, healthy foods, and now am learning to soak, ferment, culture,,,,,Wow! it all makes sense, I just
    never put it together with our food preparation. I have always loved gardening and canning and freezing, etc. Used to keep a sour dough starter, and make yogurt and so on, but life changed, went a different direction and now I have come full circle back .

  173. I just signed up for your emails…been a fan on facebook for a little bit. Looking forward to this e-book. I love Katie @ Kitchen Stewardship! Thanks so much!! Happy New Year!

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  177. I really appreciate your website. I have had it bookmarked for a while because I was trying to find ways to use my whey and you had a boat load! So thanks for that. I would love to subscribe to your site as I am new to sourdough baking and would love to learn more! Thanks again for the great website and for sharing.

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  184. hi, I subscribed a while ago, I am very interested in whole foods and it helps that I live on 8A in rural Australia with my husband, we have a milking cow, several steers, chickens, a big garden and 2 dogs. I’ve just read Nourishing Traditions and I want to try everything all at once, but I’m trying to pace myself. Soaked grains seems like an easy next step. I liked your ideas for using whey too. I just made pickled cucumbers using whey and when I tasted them I couldn’t believe that they had worked and tasted great! Anyway, I enjoy you blog and look forward to reading this ebook. Cheers, Liz

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  192. I just subscribed. Thank you for not only offering the free eBook, that I am very much looking forward to learning from, but I’d also like to thank you for posting links with such great info about feeds! I had so many questions about that too & always felt so lost in trying to figure it out. I love your site, it was so cool! Thanks again. :)

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