Clean Up Your Fall Garden and Give it a Boost for Next Year!

how to prep garden for winter

I’m at the annual doTERRA essential oil convention this week, so I’m thrilled to be welcome Anni Winings of Homestead and Gardens to the blog as she shares her best tips for cleaning up your garden for the fall and giving it a boost! I’ll be doing my garden clean up sooner than I originally planned, especially after our freak snowstorm last week!

It’s nearing the end of the season, and all that luscious growth in your garden will die back as the cold winter months come. Why not turn it into a big boost for your garden next spring?

garden waste at the end of the year -

As a general rule, compost-ables fall into two categories – Greens and Browns. Many gardeners clamor for the greens, but both have a lot to give to your garden.

The greens?includes anything that is still alive or wet – green leaves, over-ripe produce, kitchen scraps, fresh grass clippings, etc. The greens contain more nutrients, including nitrogen, which is the number one nutrient people fertilize their garden with. Greens tend to compost more quickly.

The browns are dry, dead material – fallen leaves, bean pods, straw, dried grass clippings, etc. The browns do contain nutrients, but not as much as the greens. What they do have in abundance is carbon which, when composted, has a large nutrient-holding capacity (to hold all the nutrients from your composted greens) and the perfect light, airy, crumbly structure your plants love to sink their roots into. Browns compost more slowly.

Whatever you choose to compost, make sure it hasn’t been sprayed with chemicals. Perhaps your neighbor down the road thinks he’s doing you a favor by giving you all his grass clippings for your garden. But if he has sprayed his lawn with a broad-leaf herbicide (such as 2-4D) or preen (a pre-emergent herbicide that prevents seeds from sprouting), you really don’t want that on your garden.… [Continue Reading]

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vitamix2I have to admit that I was totally impressed as I was reading about these certified organic drink mixes. Not only do they contain 44 active ingredients, but they pack an impressive 20 servings of fruit and vegetables into each scoop! This is the perfect way to add valuable nutrition to all those smoothies you’ll be making in your new Vitamix. ;)

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**Congrats to winner Diana F.! (sweetfudge2@…) Please contact within 48 hours to claim your prize!**

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Homestead Barn Hop #146

“Cultivating the Homestead Community”

This week was…. COLD. We had a major cold snap mid-week and the extent of my time outdoors was spent running to the barn as fast as I could do chop ice and feed hay so I could get back inside!

I figured it was the perfect time to hang out in the kitchen to do some pressure canning, so my pantry is freshly stocked with some home-canned beef broth and pinto beans. :)

So what happened on YOUR homestead this past week? I wanna hear!

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The New Year New You Summit: 31 FREE Presentations by Farmers, Bloggers, and Health Experts!


The dates have been changed! The summit will officially start January 20th!

Ever felt like you needed a kick in the pants …

… to get moving with some of your goals?

You know, the ones that have been hanging over your head for a while, like jumping into modern homesteading. Or starting up a fitness routine. Or incorporating more real food into your kitchen.

Yeah, those ones.

Well, today I’m here to tell you about an upcoming kick-in-the-pants that you won’t want to miss–it’ll get you on track for the new year and inspire you to achieve those goals that may have been sitting on the back burner for a while.

And the best part? You can enjoy it from the comfort of your own homestead, so you don’t have to buy a plane ticket. Or find someone to watch your kids or milk your goat.


31 Free Online Presentations

The New Year New You Summit is a five-day online conference that is streaming for FREE from January 13-17, 2013. 

The dates have been changed! The summit will officially start January 20th instead.

I’ve found a new appreciation for things I can listen to lately, since I can bring my laptop into the kitchen and fill my brain with all sorts of good stuff while I am elbow-deep in bread dough, or supper prep, or cheese-stirring, or wiping child-slobber off of my cabinets.

Check out this Line-Up!

You’ll probably see more than a few names in here that you recognize–including yours truly! That’s right–I’m one of the presenters and I’ll be talking about how you can incorporate modern homesteading into your life–no matter where you live.

  • Joel Salatin (my hero!) will be talking about the future of real food, and why it’s better to be alive today than 100 years ago, how grass farming will save the planet and how portable farming is the future for young farmers.
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