Homestead Barn Hop #177


“Cultivating the Homestead Community”

Hmmm… so I just realized that I’m posting this Barn Hop about 10 hours later than I normally do… We got back from the annual doTERRA essential oil convention last night, and I am still feeling a little bit fried. ;) It was a marvelous week, but my brain is having a little trouble getting back into the homesteading routine, so thanks for your patience!

And hey– I wanted to let you know about a pretty awesome educational opportunity that’s coming up. The Self Reliance Summit promises to be a treasure-trove of information right up a homesteader’s alley. You can register here for FREE. There will be two presentations available for you to listen to each day (and yes, it’s FREE!). Here a few topics that’ll be covered:

• When Disaster Strikes: What You Need to Know, Do, and Have on Hand
• Return to Your Roots: How Anyone Can Embrace the Homesteading Lifestyle
• Emergency Home Power. More Electricity than you need in a Disaster
• What most people don’t know about self-reliant living and preparedness
• Alternatives to Dentist – How to Prevent and Heal Common Tooth Ailments
• Creating Sustainable Food Forests, Building Community, and Staying Warm
• Emergency Herbal Medicine Storage
• Survival In A Nut Shell
• Water: What to do if the Tap Runs Dry
• Sustainable Medicine before, during and after a collapse

I happen to be one of the speakers, but can’t wait to hear some of the other folks–the line-up is impressive! Register here and see the full list of topics.

Now, on to the Barn Hop!

This hop is hosted by The Prairie Homestead, New Life on a Homestead and The Elliott Homestead.

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Can I Tell You a Story?

Once upon a time, there was this girl…

She was pretty typical, as far as young American gals go.

She grew up in a quiet little neighborhood on the outskirts of town, always kept her grades up, and never really questioned much about the world around her.

The girl back then...

The girl back then…

She ate typical American fare growing up: processed cheese in the thin plastic wrappers, Chef Boyardee ravioli, and yes, even the 29 cent packages of Ramen noodles. She had a special love for McDonald’s french fries, and thoroughly enjoyed an ice-cold Coca-Cola alongside them.

Cooking always seemed to get in the way of things she’d rather be doing, and she never found much enjoyment from it anyway, so she mostly avoided it whenever she could.

As far as being green, or trying to be “natural,” that was just stuff for hippie-folk. Recycling and repurposing were a silly waste of time. People like her didn’t worry about that stuff, and she most certainly didn’t.

After college, she continued along in her ways, happily filling her cart with frozen taquitos, chemical cleaners, and 1% milk anytime she went to the grocery store.

But that’s not the end of the story.

Fast Forward 10 Years…

That very same, standard American girl now lives on 67-acres of windswept grassland in the middle-of-nowhere Wyoming. She spends the majority of her days in her kitchen and finds special pleasure creating from-scratch version of foods she used to buy from the grocery store; things like chewy french bread, creamy whole-milk yogurt, and maple-kissed marshmallows.

The girl now… All grown up.

Her favorite moments are spend in the barnyard tending to the animals she raises. She’s passionate about growing as many of her ingredients as possible, so her barnyard menagerie includes a gentle Brown Swiss milk cow, a flock of laying hens, several hogs, and various meat birds.… [Continue Reading]

Why I Stopped Being Dogmatic About My Diet…

fad diet,paleo diet,grain free

**Please Note** This post is NOT referring to people who must be on certain diets because of allergies or health problems. I fully acknowledge that is a different issue entirely.

I’ve been noticing an interesting phenomenon lately…

If you want to start a debate online, mention either religion or politics.

But if you want to start an all-out war, start talking about food.

I suppose I understand it to a certain extent…

Food IS important. We ARE  indeed what we eat. And in some cases, the proper food CAN mean the difference between life or death for certain folks.

honey cinnamon canned peaches


Can I just say I’m growing a wee bit weary of all the different dietary bandwagons?

Vegetarian, vegan, paleo, primal, raw, Weston A. Price, Trim Healthy Mama, and the list goes on. And on. And on…

Most everyone who is a member of those different “camps” is passionately, adamantly convinced that their diet is the ONLY way to eat.

The problem? 

They all contradict each other… So doesn’t that mean somebody, somewhere, has to be “wrong”?

My husband and I often joke that if you look long enough, you’ll find someone that is “against” pretty much every single thing a human can put into their mouth.

Depending on who you talk to:

  • Meat is bad.
  • Dairy products are bad.
  • Eggs are bad.
  • Whole grains are bad.
  • White flour is bad.
  • Actually, all grains are bad.
  • And don’t forget the legumes. They’re bad too.
  • Potatoes are bad.
  • Carbs are bad.
  • Cooked food is bad.
  • But certain raw vegetables aren’t great for you either.
  • Fruit is bad because of the sugar.
  • And of course, sugar is bad–even unrefined sugars.
  • Fat is bad.
  • Vegetables are good, but only if they are uber-organic, non-GMO, and grown in your own backyard– (providing no one has sprayed pesticides within 30 miles of where you live)
  • Don’t eat too many nuts because they contain phytic acid (and that’s bad.)
  • Water is OK.
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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Blogging {Well, Almost…}

how to blog

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately…

…in regards to this whole blogging gig, so I figured I’d take you behind-the-scenes today and talk nuts-and-bolts about running a blog.

Now, I realize this topic may be horrifically boring to some of you, and if that’s the case, feel free to skip this post altogether. Or jump over to this week’s Homestead Barn Hop and peruse all the homesteading posts over there.

But if you are a bit of a blog-nerd like me, then grab that cup of coffee (or tea, or raw milk) and let’s get started!

My Story…

Sometimes I look back at my blogging journey and I don’t know how the heck I got here… As much as I’d like to say that I had the perfectly laid-out vision of what I wanted my blog to be before I started it, that’s simply not the case.

I started The Prairie Homestead on a whim. And honestly? I’m not even sure why… Although I suspect it had a lot to do with my need to share all that I was learning about natural lifestyles and whole foods at the time–and my friend’s and family’s eyeballs were starting to glaze over, so I figured I’d spew it all over the world wide web instead. ;)

Several months into my blogging journey, I realized that I could encourage folks everywhere that homesteading was possible–regardless of where they lived. That gave me a bit more of a direction, and my vision gradually grew into what it is today.

I’m not sure I’d recommend that people follow my exact path to “success” since it’s a pretty crazy one with a lot of detours. I’m sure there’s a faster way to do it, but I’m thankful for my unorthodox journey, since it taught me some priceless lessons along the way.… [Continue Reading]