5 Modern Homesteading Myths: BUSTED

modern homesteading myths

Did you hear about those toxic pumpkins?

Sometimes you just gotta shake your head at the internet…

Don’t get me wrong, I love the internet for creating connections, running my businesses, and meeting so many amazing, like-minded people. But this big, wide, tangled web is also the perfect medium for spreading urban legends, wild-eyed rumors, and just plain ridiculousness. And sadly, even though they’ve been warned not to, most people believe everything they read on the internet. It’s a bummer.

You’ve seen the urban legends floating around on Facebook and those pesky forwarded emails that end up in your inbox. Things like:


When it comes to myths pertaining to modern homesteading, I tend to hear quite a few. While many of these myths aren’t near as outlandish as those flesh-eating bacteria bananas, they still float around and often prevent many hopeful folks from grabbing hold of their homesteading dreams. If you’ve followed me for very long, then you know I’m all about encouraging folks to chase their dreams like crazy. Therefore, let the myth-smashing commence!

5 Modern Homesteading Myths: BUSTED!

1. You can only be a homesteader if you start out with free land.

Eh, no. This one always makes me smile, and you’d be surprised at how many emails I’ve received from people asking me how we got our homestead for “free.”

I sure wish we had swiped up some free land, but alas, we have a mortgage just like anyone else.

modern homesteading myths

In 1862, Congress passed The Homestead Act which gave 160 acres (or more) to anyone who was willing to move West, build a dwelling, plow the land, and live on it for at least five years.

But I have some bad news.[Continue Reading]

My Top 10 Homestead Time Management Tips

time management tips

Let’s face it…

Homesteading can be tough sometimes.

Last week I asked the crew over on The Prairie Homestead Facebook page about the biggest obstacles preventing them from homesteading. Naturally, I got a diverse set of answers, but one kept popping up over and over again: lack of time.

I totally get it.

Since starting this homesteading gig six years ago, time has been my biggest nemesis. When I worked full-time at my job in town, it was a challenge to find enough hours in the weekend to chip away at our over-zealous project list. Once Prairie Girl came along, I had to figure out how to balance a newborn baby, naptimes, and feedings with planting the garden, milking the goats, and cooking semi-edible food. Now my cheese-making and canning efforts directly compete with my ability to run this blog and keep up with my essential oil team.

For a while, I kept waiting for that season when “life would get easier.”


It doesn’t.

At least not when you’re a homesteader.

I’ve flopped. I’ve failed. I’ve thrown temper-tantrums because of my chaotic days. I’ve wished for extra arms. I’ve grumbled. And I’ve envied folks who didn’t seem to be trying to cram a super-human amount of tasks into a single 24-hour period.

And then, somewhere in the midst of it all, I came to peace with it.

I’m not sure exactly when it happened. There wasn’t a flash of light, singing angels, or a voice from heaven.

But I guess I sort of figured it out. Well, at least as much as one can figure out this messy thing we call homestead life. Even though my to-do list is as long as ever, my days feel less stressful, my kids seem more content, and my husband has even noticed I’m more at ease.… [Continue Reading]

Hold it in Your Hands: The Print Version of Natural Homestead is Here!

natural homestead recipe book

It’s been a long time coming…

But the day has finally arrived.

And you can now hold your very own copy of Natural Homestead IN YOUR HANDS!

I’m a big fan of eBooks myself… But you just can’t beat print books sometimes–especially when they contain recipes.

When I first published Natural Homestead in eBook version, I wasn’t planning on ever printing it on real paper. But due to the overwhelming number of requests I got for a print book, I quickly changed my mind.

You can now take Natural Homestead out in the barn, down to the coop, in the garden, and everywhere else you need it.

And, you can scribble notes inside, dog-ear the pages, and mark your favorite recipes!

Kindle Lovers Rejoice!

Since I had it formatted for print, I figured I might as well have it formatted for Kindle as well. As of today, Natural Homestead is now available in the Amazon Kindle Store as well.

There are now THREE ways to enjoy Natural Homestead:

What’s Inside?

natural homesteading

Inside this 200+ page handbook, you’ll find everything you need to create a more natural homestead, garden, and barnyard including:

  • Why becoming a grass-farmer is absolutely vital for the health of your homestead
  • How to put together a natural supply cabinet
  • If pumpkin seeds, garlic, diatomaceous earth, baking soda, vinegar, and kelp are merely old wives’ tales or are truly beneficial
  • Tips for managing parasite loads, how to identify wormy animals, and breakdowns of natural dewormer alternatives
  • How to use essential oils in your barnyard and garden
  • How to mix up grain-free, corn-free, and soy-free rations for your flock
  • How to keep your facilities clean, minus the use of harsh chemicals such as bleach
  • How to battle bugs, fungus, and weeds without using chemicals that are toxic to you, your kids, or your critters

Plus over 40  recipes and 60+ full-color photos!

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Come Take a Walk Around The Prairie Homestead! (Video)

farm video tour

For those of you who have been following me since the beginning…

You know that my photography skills started out a little rough.

I still don’t claim to be a pro, but at least they have gotten better. However, my video skills are definitely still in the “I have no idea what I’m doing” stage.

But today, I put aside my hesitations and perfectionist nature, and drug my camera out to the pasture anyway. Just because I love you guys. :)

Wanna Go for a Walk?

Let’s head down the barn and I’ll show ya around. I took this video first thing in the morning when the grass was still wet with dew, and the animals were wondering why I was taking a video instead of feeding them (sorry guys!).

In this tour video you’ll meet:

  • Oakley and the rest of our little cattle herd
  • The opinionated pigs
  • Our cute little turkeys
  • Annie, one of the resident equines
  • The goats who firmly believe they are horses
  • And various yard birds

Let’s Go!

If you are reading this post via email, click here to watch the video directly on YouTube

(There are a couple of mess-ups with the sound, but don’t worry, you didn’t really miss anything–I was just rambling)


homestead video tour


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