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39 Ways to Make Money Homesteading

how to make money while homesteading

“Eh… So where does your money come from?”

Hands down, this is the question I get the most often…  And if people aren’t asking it, I can tell they are thinking it. ;)

First off, let’s clarify a few things:

Like I mentioned in my homestead myth-busting post, becoming a modern homesteader doesn’t necessarily mean you head for the hills, go completely off-grid, and live off the land entirely. (Although I suppose you could go that route if you wanted…)

how to make money from homesteading

For me, modern homesteading is a magical concoction of old-fashioned skills mixed with our modern-day conveniences. Although we raise a lot of food on our property, are obsessive DIYers, and try to be as self-sufficient as possible, my husband has always had a “job in town” and there are times when I’m quite thankful for the local grocery store. It’s a balance.

That said, I think most of us homestead-folks would agree: the sign you’ve officially “arrived” as a modern homesteader is the day you create an income exclusively from your land. It’s something definitely on our list of goals, and we are achieving it in our own way (more on that later). However, we didn’t start out this way, and we pursued our homesteading dreams on one-income for several years before my business took off.

Thankfully, the ways of making money while homesteading are endless. Here is a list to jump-start your entrepreneur juices—>

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39 Ways to Make Money Homesteading

should you wash eggs?

Selling Food Products

The downside to selling food you’ve grown or made, is dealing with restrictive food safety laws (especially in regards to meat and milk). Do your homework first and looked into your state’s regulations extensively before proceeding. One strategy to help avoid red tape is to sell the animals themselves, rather than the food product.[Continue Reading]

Best Winter Chore Clothes for Homesteaders

the best winter chore clothes for hometeaders, farmers, and country folk

Rosy red cheeks, lightly falling snowflakes, and mugs of homemade hot chocolate

When most people think of winter, I imagine those are some of the first things to come to mind.


Well, let’s just say the visions dancing through my head tend to lean towards boots caked in slushy manure, a mudroom with mountains of coats and gloves, and perpetual brown puddles on the tile floor… But that’s just life when you live in a climate with heavy-duty winters–

I’ve had a number of you email me and ask what exactly we wear during our subzero winter days, so I’ve decided to break down our winter chore “uniform” today. It’s not exactly stylish (unless you’re a penguin… or a giant marshmallow…) but after spending eleven winters working and surviving here in Wyoming, I’ve figured out some tricks to stay (mostly) warm.

(If you’re curious about our severe Wyoming winters, check out my blizzard preparation post. It has some jaw-dropping pics from our first year here on the homestead. And this short video will give you a glimpse of a ground blizzard. When it comes to snow, Wyoming doesn’t mess around.)

the best winter chore clothes for hometeaders, farmers, and country folk

Best Winter Chore Clothes for Homesteaders

Lots of Layers

My least favorite part of winter chores is how long it takes me to get dressed before going outside… However, layers are your friend when it comes to staying warm during barn chores, so it’s worth the extra time it takes to layer up.

I wear hoodies pretty much from September through May (so glamorous, huh? At least it saves me time on clothes shopping…), and they always make up my foundational layer. I prefer heavier Carhartt or Underarmour hoodies, as they tend to be a bit warmer.

Over that I often wear a quilted duck vest (like this one).… [Continue Reading]

7 Reasons to Start Homesteading Today

homesteading today

So, you say you’re still on the fence about homesteading?

I get it. I really do.

Attempting to make the switch from buying all your food at the grocery store without a second thought, to someone who suddenly has an insatiable desire to garden and milk goats is quite the transition… Ya know?

And then you have the whole “convincing the family/spouse” hurdle… Sometimes it’s easy to persuade them their future lies between rows of homegrown, GMO-free corn and beans, while in other cases, it can be a bit of a struggle to help them see the “vision”.

It’s easy to come up with reasons NOT to homestead in our day and age: (“It’s inconvenient”, “People will think you’re a hippie“, “Why grow food when you can buy it at the grocery store?”) but I’m here to tell you it’s worth it anyway. Really and truly.

If you’ve been hemming and hawing about the best time to start your new homesteading adventure, let me tell you a secret: The best time to start working towards your goals is always NOW. Even if it means taking the most minuscule of baby steps. Even if you face setbacks. Even if your goals will cause people to question your sanity. (And it WILL happen, especially when you bring home your first goat.)

So just in case you need a little extra push, allow me to present to you….

7 Reasons to Start Homesteading TODAY

modern homesteading

1. It connects you with your food.

Our society is disturbingly unaware of how our food arrives on our table. Kids don’t have a clue their hamburger once had eyes and a nose, or that their french fries grew in the ground (in dirt? ewwwwww…) Homesteading breaks this cycle by getting our fingernails dirty and encouraging us to return to an intimate relationship with the cycles of nature and food production.… [Continue Reading]

5 Modern Homesteading Myths: BUSTED

modern homesteading myths

Did you hear about those toxic pumpkins?

Sometimes you just gotta shake your head at the internet…

Don’t get me wrong, I love the internet for creating connections, running my businesses, and meeting so many amazing, like-minded people. But this big, wide, tangled web is also the perfect medium for spreading urban legends, wild-eyed rumors, and just plain ridiculousness. And sadly, even though they’ve been warned not to, most people believe everything they read on the internet. It’s a bummer.

You’ve seen the urban legends floating around on Facebook and those pesky forwarded emails that end up in your inbox. Things like:


When it comes to myths pertaining to modern homesteading, I tend to hear quite a few. While many of these myths aren’t near as outlandish as those flesh-eating bacteria bananas, they still float around and often prevent many hopeful folks from grabbing hold of their homesteading dreams. If you’ve followed me for very long, then you know I’m all about encouraging folks to chase their dreams like crazy. Therefore, let the myth-smashing commence!

5 Modern Homesteading Myths: BUSTED!

1. You can only be a homesteader if you start out with free land.

Eh, no. This one always makes me smile, and you’d be surprised at how many emails I’ve received from people asking me how we got our homestead for “free.”

I sure wish we had swiped up some free land, but alas, we have a mortgage just like anyone else.

modern homesteading myths

In 1862, Congress passed The Homestead Act which gave 160 acres (or more) to anyone who was willing to move West, build a dwelling, plow the land, and live on it for at least five years.

But I have some bad news.[Continue Reading]