Giveaway! KitchenAid Artisan 5-Quart Mixer ($340 value)



Giveaway is finished. Congrats to winner Adina C.! 

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Copper pearl, aqua sky, canopy green, cornflower blue, bayleaf, blue willow, buttercup, watermelon, and persimmon…

New crayon colors? Designer pain colors? Nope! Just a few of the color choices you’ll have if you win the 5-Quart KitchenAid Stand Mixer I’m giving away this month!

When I cook, I always seem to have no less than six different things happening at the same time: two pots on the stove, something in the oven, dough rising on the counter, kids grabbing onto my legs, and dogs scouring the floor for crumbs. A stand mixer can make your life a lot easier when you’re hands are full of other stuff.

I got my KitchenAid mixer as a wedding gift, and it’s still going strong after seven years of hard use. I just have the plain white one, but the winner of this giveaway gets to pick their own color. (I’m kinda partial to the Aqua Sky personally)


How the Giveaway Works:

This giveaway is sponsored by me. Yup, that’s right– I’m buying this prize myself. It’s my way of saying “thank you” to everyone who has been such a support and encouragement to this blog. :)

So, what’s the catch you may ask? Well, it’s pretty simple– you need to be a subscriber of The Prairie Homestead to enter. That’s it! That is the only mandatory entry, but you do have the option for four other bonus entries after you complete that one.

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Because giveaways like this generate so many entries, it is absolutely impossible to manage them all through simple comment entries. Rafflecopter is the best way for me to conduct giveaways at this point in time. It’s a reputable app, and won’t steal or sell your info–promise. If you aren’t comfortable using it, that’s totally cool–you are in no way obligated to enter the giveaway. But please don’t send me any nasty emails, m’kay? 😉


*Note* If you are signing up as a subscriber today, make sure that you verify your subscription. (i.e. Click on the link in the email that you get to complete the process. Otherwise, your entry won’t count!)

Giveaway only open to residents of USA and Canada. Giveaway ends December 15th, 2013 at midnight. Winner will be drawn randomly and contacted via email. No purchase necessary to win. Must be 18 years of age or older to enter.

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  1. Ellen says

    Thank you! Nice of you to do this with the Holiday’s coming, and any one of us will be lucky to win.

  2. Rhonda says

    Your blog is my new favorite. It is the first thing I read everyday when I log on my computer. It is so comprehensive and I learn so much. It’s like school only way more fun. Takng care of my family is my # 1 priority and you help make it happen. Thanks.

  3. Charlotte Moore says

    THANK YOU fir the chance to win. My mom always used this brand mixer in her restaurant and home. I have never had one though.


  4. says

    Oh, I had no idea that the Kitchenmaid mixer came in so many colors! I have an old one, white, over 30 years old now. It still works, but I’d love a new pretty colored one!

  5. janice says

    I love your info, I look forward to seeing your email in my box…I also am a follower of Jesus, my Savior and Friend. I am also a modern-day homesteader, although right now on a smaller level than you. This KitchenAid Artisan 5-Quart Mixer would make a huge difference in the many hours in the kitchen.

  6. Sandy Hensley Fowler says

    Wow, being my trusty “hand mixer” after 26 years quit this week…my new one was broke when I took it out of the box….(last years Christmas gift” with the holidays coming up! this beauty would come in handy in-deed! THANKS BUNCHES for the opportunity to win! how awesome of you! and your family to contribute such a nice give away….you will be bringing such a great smile to someones face and heart! here very soon!!! hope I’m the lucky one….. :) Your’s is my favorite blog EVER! no really it is, promise and cross my heart!!!
    Have a great weekend! Best of luck everyone…….

  7. Debra Abel says

    Oooh I so enjoy your posts with all the info, and would love to win. Thank you for this chance

  8. Juanita says

    I really like your site and blog. I just started our little homestead on 15 acres. We started with three goats (kids) bottle fed them from a day old. This year we added 22 chickens in quite a variety. We love it! Many plans for the place and a lot of research and learning along the way.

    I have always wanted one of these Kitchenaid mixers. I have been asking my husband for four years and plan on asking again this Christmas.

  9. LCM says

    The colors available for this mixer are AWESOME! I will have a hard time choosing a favorite if I win! Wonderful giveaway!

  10. Jodi says

    Thanks for this great giveaway! I would love to have one of these sitting on my counter. So many great colors to choose from!

  11. Daniel Dechello says

    Excellent Information. I try to read all your blogs because your information is so helpful. I got chickens in April and was very excited, but as you found out the people at the store do not know much more than us. I bought 8 chickens and was told that they were all chickens except my 2 straight runs could go either way. Well out of 8 birds I got 4 roosters. My silkies that were suppose to be hens, both were roosters. I was hoping for a brooder. And the other two roosters were New Hampshire reds. I wound up selling 3 of them and got 3 more hens, and since then got 3 more. I love that I did not have a bug problem this year, but my wife does not like that there is poop all over the yard. Thanks for all you info and keep on informing us newbees on homesteading.;-)

  12. tim peverley says

    Thank you so much for this blog! have learned so much for you already! Have a great day and many Blessing to you!

  13. Lisette says

    *laughs* my daughter was just ooohhhing and aaahhhing over these in a local store the other day… she’s turned into quite the scratch baker =) Such a lovely idea especially so close to the holidays!!

  14. Jami says

    HI! Thanks for the wonderful give away! In reading thru some posts this morning I realise I missed the essential oil download when I subscribed. Could I please get the link?

  15. Ann Marie Forbes Jones says

    What a wonderful gesture on your part– I love your blog and you as well as all the information you’ve passed have inspired my husband and I to turn our small Village acre lot into a homestead proud and true. While Village ordinances prohibit us from having animals ( livestock) we are already well on our way with an established fruit orchard ( apples, pears, cherries, peaches) our own grape vine( both purple and white concord) as well as two berry patches ( strawberry and black raspberry) and 3 vegetable gardens. I used to do raised bed and now that we’ve been able to tame a quarter of our little acre that once was swamp , we just might try that again. Thanks again ever so much for the inspiration. I hope I win . I don’t have one but could sure use one for my sour dough bread making venture. :-) God bless you.

  16. Stacy C says

    Great giveaway. My 25 year old Kitchenaid mixer is starting to slow down and I’m begging it to make the holidays! :)

  17. says

    Thanks, Jill! I’d love to win one of these.

    I’ve already changed my mind on the color though. :) Narrowed it down to cornflower blue, almond, or majestic yellow.


  18. says

    I’m an “old homesteader” but really enjoy your website. I have learned many new things from your site and your links. You can teach even an “old dog” new tricks. Thank you for the time you spend on research, doing, etc and sharing that information with us. We raise pigs, chickens, and are having new experiences with milk goats, a calf, and our donkey. Life is never dull on the farm.
    I would love to have a Kitchenaid mixer expecially as my youngest daughter is learning how to make bread, I keep hoping Santa will hide one under the tree for me. Have a great Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  19. Veronica says

    Thanks so much for doing this. I especially appreciate that there are ways to enter that don’t involve social media as I don’t use/belong to any but love your blog and subscribe to it. Thanks for all you do!

  20. LeeAnn says

    Wooo! Wish me luck girls! This is something I’ve dreamed of owning for years! I feel lucky!!!!! Thank you!

  21. Amy K says

    Hi jill, I am a subscriber but my email freezes up when I try to click through. You are on my favourites bar! Thanks for all the great tips! I picked up some Hobby farm home mags at a library sale and was so excited to see your column! Thanks for being open about your faith in Jesus also. Your friend in Canada, Amy

    • says

      Hmmm… I’m not sure why it’d be causing your email to freeze– bummer! I’m so honored to be on your favorites bar! Thanks for being a faithful reader! :)

  22. anna hackel says

    “aqua sky” would actually be my color of choice. Sorry on the “pick a color” I put PLUM.

  23. Amy K says

    I put aqua sky, but now I’m loving the gloss cinnamon red and the bayleaf-oh my! What a great torquoise. I’ve been wanting to add a strong torquoise to my kitchen but haven’t found anything that holds a candle to that bayleaf colour! In a perfect world, we could have four different colours to accessorize for each season:)

  24. Jean says

    Fun give away–thank you, Looking for colors really forced me to think about what colors I want to use in my new kitchen (still under construction!), I chose the Buttercup, but some of the blues were most tempting…:)

  25. Rhoda Edwards says

    What a lovely gift Jill! I know I am far away but I am still saying hats off to you for your kindness and while I may not be eligible for the mixer price I am getting real good stuff on your site. Loving every minute of it. Thank you very much. Continue in His service Jill.

  26. Jennifer says

    I realize so many people have already said this, but, Thank You! I too love your blog and all the information you have shared. I live on less than 1/3 acre in town, but would so love to make my place a homestead. I love your ideas about homesteading no matter what size place you have or where you live.

  27. nicole says

    I would love to win this for my daughter who is starting out. They have a new baby born 1 month ago. I cant seem to enter though as the widget doesn’t seem to load up for me.

  28. Simone Smith says

    Thank you for doing this and giving people a chance to win something so nice and needed. I choose the color Citrus, I love bright yellow colors in my sunflower kitchen (work in progress). Good luck to all!

  29. Kristal says

    I have never had the privilege of owning one of these. My girls and I would have a blast with one. Whoever wins this will have a big smile on their face! :)

  30. Linda says

    Thank you so much for offering the chance to win this Kitchen Aid Mixer! Especially in time to put it to good use for holiday baking! I have always wanted one of these, best of luck to all!!

  31. Debra says

    Oh so excited for the chance to win!! I have been scrimping and saving to buy this mixer and planning on it come January! But what a blessing it would be to win !!
    Thank you for the opportunity!!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!

  32. Tina says

    My heart has been broken since I gave up my kitchen aid 4 years ago when our jobs with the Army moved us to Virginia. What a very nice thing you are doing over the holidays! Happy Thanksgiving and I hope the winner LOVES it!

  33. Dawn says

    Thanks so much for doing this raffle, having one of these would be so helpful to us… awesome blog and FB page!

  34. Karyn says

    We recently were able to buy my Grandparent’s farm. I am believing that the Aqua Sky one will look very nice in the kitchen, since that is the original color of the kitchen!

  35. Kimbe Sloan says

    I love getting your newletters. Lots of good ideas to do for helping me on my path to going “GREEN”. I’m getting chickens soon and have been saving your tips on care, cleaning coop and making homemade food. Thanks alot. Keep up the good, hard work!

  36. Molly Barahona says

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win this mixer. I too have one as a wedding gift 22yrs ago and it is getting real tired. Would so like to win a new one in a color.

  37. Judith says

    Thanks for this great giveaway! But I am very disappointed to read that I am being discriminated since I am not eligible for this price because I don’t live in the US of A or Canada. Can you tell me why I cannot win this price? I would like to pay for the shipping costs should it be the only obstacle for the chance of winning.
    I just don’t understand.
    I love your blog but not your policy.
    Merry Christmas anyway.

    • says

      Hi Judith–
      I’ve actually updated the rules. If someone from outside the US or Canada wins, I will send them an Amazon gift card for the value of the mixer. The reason I had that rule in place prior, was b/c shipping costs are so outrageous. But, the gift card enables us to work around that. So feel free to enter!

      • Judith says

        Hi Jill, I love your elegant solution for all your blogreaders from abroad! I already suspected it was to do with the huge shippingcosts. I am sure this will delight many others as well.
        Thanks again, and I really love your blog. Very inspirational.