Homestead Barn Hop #137

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“Cultivating the Homestead Community”

(Hey! We got a facelift! Still the same Barn Hop you know and love, but we thought a fresh new look was in order.)

It’s kinda hard to go from cleaning the barn in a light jacket, to arctic freezing temps in less than 12 hours… We had a big cold front move in this week, and  I feel like all I did was chop ice and feed hay… But such is homestead life.

In other (good) news, Oakley is bred! We took her to the vet on Saturday, along with our other cow, to have them both preg-checked. I’m happy to report that we should have 2 new baby calves running around sometime in March or April. Sometimes milk cows can be a little tricky to get pregnant, so it’s always a relief to know our attempts were successful.

And, since we weaned her calf, I have a lot more milk to play around with–so let the cheesemaking adventures begin!

(And Happy Thanksgiving too all my US readers!)

So what happened on YOUR homestead this past week? I wanna hear!

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Have fun, get to know some new homesteading friends, and be sure to join us every Monday!

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  1. Cathy says

    I made a crock pot full of Apple Cranberry sauce but have no canned it yet. Nor have I taken care of the 6 Pineapples I bought. Got a little busy with 2 new additions. 2 little King Charles Cavalier Spaniels 7 weeks old, Abby & Ziva.
    Gotta get the Apple Cranberry sauce heated back up and in jars tonight!

  2. Mare says

    Hello There,
    Congrats on Oakley. Hope all goes well keeps us posted. Here on our Funny Farm things are going good. We seem to have the same weather. 80’s in morning, then the rain comes and wind. At night we go to the 50’s. Crazy. Sara-lu is also bred here, we should see a calf in July.2014. That will be her 3rd since we had her . She a bossy cow but breed’s great. She’s a beef cow. This week will be easy. After 39 years I have the Thanksgiving day off. The kids have a lot to do so we’ll be going to hubby’s Aunt house for the day. Just have to bring mashed potatoes and green beans. So I can say with a big smile, I ‘m Thankful for that. Well I’m Thankful and Blessed with Wonderful Family and Friends. Back to my chores, Monday is wash day, making bread for the week. With the everyday 24/7 things to do.
    Hope Everyone has a Happy Thnaksgiving!!!!!!! Mare

  3. says

    Hey Jill – been following for a while and just got my homesteading blog started. Very excited to be sharing for the first time. Thanks for hosting this party! I’ll be back.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my American neighbors.
    Jennifer in Canada