5 Ways that Essential Oils Have Changed my Life


It’s no secret- I love my essential oils.

Yeah, I was a skeptic at first too… I thoroughly ignored them for the longest time, but once I tried them, I was hooked. I’m pretty much an oil fanatic these days…

In fact, I like them so much, I even wrote an eBook about them. (Which you can get for free, by the way…)

Oils have brought many benefits to my home, but as silly as it may sound, these little bottles have really have changed my life in several different ways.  Curious?

5 Ways that Essential Oils Have Changed My Life

1. We are a lot healthier

Essential oils are fabulous for:

  • Supporting emotional and mental clarity
  • Support all the systems of the body (from lungs to heart to brain to liver!)
  • Boosting immune function
  • Protecting against environmental threats.

And let me tell you, we’ve use them in all these applications… and then some!

It’s been amazing how infrequently we have been sick lately– even though we have been heavily exposed to some nasty illnesses. (I do think that rest and diet play an important role here, too.)

Am I saying you’ll never, EVER get sick again if you use essential oils? No– I think that’s a bit unrealistic. But, it’s wonderful to have a simple way to support your body in health and wellness.

Here are some of the natural ways we cope with environmental threats, and here’s my handy DIY hand sanitizer.

2.Everything smells GOOD.

I don’t know about you, but I love smelly stuff. 😉 I’ve always had a ‘thing’ for candles, and I used to have tons of different perfumes and body sprays.

Now that I have my stash of essential oils, it’s easier than ever to make myself, my house, and my DIY projects smell pretty– all.the.time.

BUT, the cool thing about oils is that they don’t *just* smell good. Many oils contain properties that are actually beneficial to your body as you smell them. So, that lavender not only is making your laundry smell fancy, but it’s also helping you to relax at the same time.

I even use my oils in place of perfume. I’ll place a dab on my wrists and neck, or I place a drop or two on my clay pendant.

However, I feel like I must warn you– once you start using the oils, you’ll probably find that you no longer care for items made with synthetic scents… I know that I can hardly stand many of my old candles and perfumes anymore… Now that my nose is used to the real deal, it has no tolerance for counterfeits. 😉

3. Essential oils are empowering.

I love that I don’t feel like a helpless victim of big-pharma anymore… Is there a time and place for medical intervention? You bet! But I also think there are times where we can treat ourselves.

In the past, I always felt “stuck” when I had to run to the doctor for little things… I always felt as though I was at the mercy of the system.

Essential oils have given me a natural way to help my family– without always having to rely on prescriptions or doctors who don’t understand our goal of a more naturally-minded lifestyle.

  • When the Prairie Kids have a fever, I can rub diluted peppermint on their feet to support proper body temperature.
  • When hubby hubby needs *ahem” additional digestive support, I reach for the our favorite digestive blend (it contains peppermint, ginger, tarragon, fennel, caraway, coriander, and anise)
  • When I’m feeling tense in my head and neck, I use a dab of peppermint or lavender on my forehead

Now instead of feeling panic when someone in my family isn’t feeling well, I take it as a challenge to figure out how I can successfully use the oils to help them feel better.

4. We are better prepared for emergencies.

We live 40 miles from town, so it’s important to be prepared. We have several first-aid kits with the necessary bandages, gauze pads, and band-aids. However, I really feel like essential oils have given my first-aid preparations an added boost.

When hubby was bit by one of our dogs in December, we made the choice to treat the wound at home with natural solutions instead of heading to the hospital. You can read the full story here, but let me just say that the results were astounding! I rather doubt that the little tube of ointment that came in our first-aid kit would have yielded quite the same results.

I’ll say it again, so I don’t get yelled at– Yes, there is a time and place to visit the hospital. BUT, why not educate yourself to treat what you can at home?

5. I’m even more in awe of the Creator.

Every time that I use my oils to help someone in my family, I can’t help but be amazed and thankful at God’s design in nature.

I think that we as a culture have been pretty much brainwashed to think that they *only* way we can treat an issue is through the use of a drug manufactured in a laboratory.

After all, how could something as “innocent” as a lavender plant or a peppermint leaf have medicinal value? It’s easy to scoff at such a notion.

But, anyone who uses essential oils and herbs knows differently. As I learn more and more about natural remedies, I am astounded at the healing properties God placed in so many different plants– I truly believe He gave us a whole medicine cabinet in nature– we just have to figure out how to use it.


Everytime I write a post about essential oils, I get a whole bunch of emails asking which brand I use. There are a LOT of different options out there, but I have a brand I trust and I’ve been using them for 3+ years now. CLICK HERE to find out more about my favorite essential oils.

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  1. says

    I’ve just started trying to use some essential oils. I made homemade bleach and convinced my sister on peppermint oil for headaches, although I haven’t had one to test it on myself. What I would like to know is if they can help my severe sciatic pain! I tried rubbing an oil on my calf, where the nerve pain hurts the worst, but it didn’t seem to help. I am pretty uneducated but do you use a specific oil for deep muscle pain? I am not sure if it will work because this is nerve, but who knows … I’m much more willing to try natural solutions than take big pain pills.

  2. Genet says

    YES!!!! I agree wholeheartedly Jill ! About 2 months ago, I signed up to receive YL Oils (won’t start a debate there. It’s just that I have a friend here who uses them and knows how to use them and help me).
    I have to say that a LOT of things have changed in this house. We are much more vibrant these days :)
    My fave oil so far is frankincense because it just puts me in an “up” mood and has helped me so much! :)

  3. Annie says

    I use essential oils, too. In the past few months, I have collected quite a stash. I use Young Living Essential Oils because a dear friend of mine is a consultant. The only reason I tried the oils was because of her. It wasn’t because I was interested in the oils. But, boy, am I glad I ordered! My favorite oil is “Theives”. It is great for the immune system. I wear it as perfume. Like you, I don’t care to wear store perfume anymore. I much rather dab on the oils. At bedtime, I love to soak in the tub and add three drops of “Peace and Calming” and three drops of “Lavendar” to my bath water. The whole house picks up the scent and it smells heavenly. Another benefit is that I sleep like a rock after my bath. I just started using “Lemongrass”. My cholesterol is borderline high. I’m excited to see what “Lemongrass” will do for that. Also, I massage “Aroma Life” on my husband’s chest over his heart. That has lowered his blood pressure to normal levels without any meds. Sweet!! And, I always have my glass bottle of water with me always. I have grapefruit, lemon, orange and citrus blend oils I use in my water. I hate to admit this, but I was a heavy Pepsi drinker prior to getting started on the oils. Once I tried lemon oil in my water, I was hooked and I can proudly say I don’t drink Pepsi anymore. After trying lemon oil in my water, I branched out to grapefruit, orange and citrus blend. One last comment. When my kids need to concentrate on studying, I have them put a drop of peppermint oil on the tip of their thumb, then press their thumb to the roof of their mouth and hold it there for 10 – 15 seconds. Peppermint is wonderful for mental clarity. I also diffuse it when we need to have a sharp mind. I love, love, love my oils!!

  4. says

    great post jill! i recently just embarked on the EO way of living, and i love it! continue to encourage and educate. i love the recipes! keep ’em coming!

  5. Tammy Maynard says

    I have a friend that has severe fibromyalgia and she uses EO’s to help her with the pain. Here is her recipe…..

    “cinnamon, cypress, frankincense, & black pepper. I put 2 drops of each to every tbs of oil. I use Jajoba oil. Bought it off amazon. I make a large batch and keep it in a roller bottle that I take everywhere and then just roll it on wherever the pain is. I even use it on my face and head. It’s done wonders for my pain. It gives me a quick pain relief that lasts for a few hours and helps soo much! The roller bottles I found online ( did a search for perfume bottle). This is the large one. The 5 ml and i put about 12-15 drops per the bottle. But every person is different. My pain is so severe I use more drops. So try less first. Hope this helps! I also have another mix I use as well. I alternate them, but this one is my favorite.”

    I have been buying my EO’s online from a company that sells 100% certified therapeutic pure EO’s for a lot less . I am looking for someone to tell me the difference that makes them so much more expensive. In other words…convince me to buy!! :)

    • says

      Great tip Tammy! Thanks for sharing. :)

      I love these oils because of their commitment to purity. Each liter of oil undergoes 5 different tests by a third-party– they are stringent! They also source their oils from their native environments all over the world- which is really important as far as the medicinal quality of the oils go.

      In my experience, you get what you pay for when it comes to oils– I can get oils for dirt-cheap at my local health food store, but there is no comparison– the smell alone is quite different– and they are specifically label as “for aromatherapy use only.” That makes me a bit suspicious.

      I also like all of the support/info that it offers, and signing up with a wholesale account, or with the Rewards program makes them even more affordable– an option that is not given with other companies.

      So, that’s my 2 cents. :) Let me know if you have other questions!

  6. Karen Figley says

    Well said Jill, I agree whole heartedly! With respect, I will say the idea of selling E.O.’s through a MLM makes me weep.

    • says

      Thanks Karen. :) I have been anti-MLM for my whole life too– until I found this. And I have to say that I’ve been really impressed by them. But, to each their own. 😉

    • Jon says

      Karen, I used to be anti-MLM too. After I researched it, I found that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the business model. It is just like any other business, except instead of employing a marketing team and selling things out of stores, it allows the consumers of the goods to also be distributors and therefore become apart of the company. If you buy from a non-MLM company, the company makes all the profit. If you buy from an MLM distributor, the company and the distributor share the profit. Nothing wrong with that at all. The reason why most of us have been anti-MLM is because we don’t like pushy sales tactics, and it’s annoying when its from someone you know. But that is not the fault of the business, it is due to a poor choice on the part of the distributor. I know many people who love working from home with an MLM and they are never pushy or annoying. They simply share and serve those who are interested. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. :)

      • Karen says

        Well said, Jon….most ppl don’t know that this business model is taught at Harvard!! It is the path to financial security in this economy! I, like most, despised MLM as I remember my grandparents pushing Amway, women pushing Mary Kay, & I was also associated with Melaleuca Wellness Co. Most all MLM require a major investment & stockpile of products or mandatory requirements for orders each month. it is so different which is why they are wildly successful & second to none. I enrolled as a wholesale member just for my own personal use but it soon turned into a profitable business nearly on its own! I am a health & wellness coach & I couldn’t stop talking about them! The difference compared to what I was using was so dramatic that I am now studying the chemistry of essential oils &, as Jill said, the wisdom of our Creator never ceases to amaze me with each course I take….HE has given us the power to heal ourselves from the plants He provided in the garden! Educate & Empower!!

  7. says

    This is a wonderful post Jill! I love all of them, and had to comment on this one! Ever since I moved to the Pac Northwest, Washington, I have become educated on herbs and essential oils. I have found that the lingering scent of REAL smells, such as Lemongrass, is so much better to my nose and skin VS. the traditional synthetic smells that off-gas. A lot of my family is still stuck in the “TIDE/Snuggle” rut, and wonder why they are having respiratory problems & skin problems?
    When the chemicals are eliminated (especially fragrances from lotions/perfumes/detergents/cleaners) then the “NOSE” becomes familiar to the REAL scents and easily distinguishes between the two! It is a blessing, and sometimes not, especially when you go to hug a friend or loved one and you can smell the chemicals BEFORE you go into the hug! My daughter has Perioral Dermatitis and the chemicals are the #1 on the list of things to avoid. Fortunately, I spent over 3 years researching and building my own Home business making handmade lotions/soaps/salves/teas etc. BEFORE I got pregnant, so my daughter was not exposed, even in the womb. And even now, she is not exposed as we make our own detergent from my soap I make, as well as the soap serves as our shampoo & body soap…… The essential oils all have their own healing properties, WHY go to all of the trouble making something handmade if you are going to put “JUNK” fragrances in it?
    It IS true that GOD put it on the Earth to be utilized, why not make use of it? We are healthier, and FEEL better since essential oils and herbs have come into our lives! I keep fighting the fight, and educate WHOEVER will be receptive to it!
    Keep up the awesome Posts! I am so glad we crossed paths and I found your blog!

    • says

      My thoughts exactly Melissa! I can’t hack the “fake” smells anymore either– my nose won’t let me. 😉 Thanks for taking the time to comment– I’m glad you found me too!

    • Brooke Hooks says


      I would love to hear how you have treated your daughters Perioral Dermatitis naturally? My 4 yr old is has it right now and I have been trying different Oils, but so far I havent found anything that works. We have stopped using floride toothpaste & use all natural bath soaps, shampoo ect.



      • says

        I put her on an elimination diet, No wheat/gluten/soy/dairy/vinegar/citrus fruits or citric acid. We found out, after 2 months that it was the citrus fruits & gluten. I developed it myself, and I have had to be completely off of gluten as well. Check out http://www.againstallgrain.com and http://www.elanaspantry.com for great gluten free recipes! Applying coconut oil EVERY chance you get also helps heal the skin and provide an anti-fungal effect that also heals the skin. Ingesting Organic coconut oil as well helps to heal from the inside. Make sure it is Organic, or it most likely is extracted using a solvent rather than an expeller machine.

    • Nicole says

      Hi Melissa,

      I have perioral dermatitis too and would love to know what essential oils you would recommend to treat this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  8. Dana says

    OMG! I love you! This was so inspiring. My family and I plan to move to our South Dakota homestead (yay!) in about 3 years. I’ll be following in your footsteps and doing a lot of what you preach about on your page. I am totally sold on the essential oil mentality. I love self-healing and try to avoid unnecessary antibiotics for my family as much as possible (obviously within reason). And we too will be 40 miles from downtown Rapid City since our home is located in the middle of 40 acres in the Black Hills National Forest. So safety and health are of the utmost importance to me, my husband and my 2 small children. Luckily we are about 20 minutes from an emergency medical unit/firehouse for life threatening situations. But hey, I’m pretty confident that we will run into unfortunate situations like; getting snowed-in 3 feet with flu-like symptoms, etc…(you know the drill). I’d be completely ignorant to think that nothing bad is gonna happen. So all to say, I will be boning-up on my essential oil skills. It does seem quite expensive though. That’s a heck of a collection you’ve got there. Maybe I should start acquiring the oils slowly over time when I have the spare change.
    Thank you again!

    • says

      Yes- it is an investment at first– but I definitely think mine have earned their keep! :) I built my collection very slowly– and I used the rewards program, which helped me to get stuff for cheaper/free in the process. They are definitely worth having around though!

  9. Valerie says

    I, too, am a consultant. My functional med doc is a YL consultant, & I think they are both reputable companies, but I know there are some strong pro/con feelings out there! I wanted to say to Vanderbilt Wifel that Deep Blue (which is featured free with 200PV order this month) has helped me with joint pain used along with Lemongrass. We are self employed, so basically have no insurance that covers anything that might ail you, so I have been buying oils to care for my family. I used Breathe in the diffuser for my husband, (a confirmed unbeliever) who has seasonal allergies. He came home 3 nights in a row sounding like a frog, in the morning his voice was normal. By the 3rd night he was asking me to run the diffuser! I have a friend who went to the eye doc & he told her she had NO peripheral vision. She started using frankincense on her temples. When she went back to the doc again, she had her peripheral vision. He was amazed. I have another friend who gets severe migraines. She had one starting & I had her put peppermint on the back of her neck & temples (but be careful you don’t get it too close to your eyes!), and in about 2 minutes she turned wide-eyed to me wanting to know what that was and how could she get it, her migraine was gone! At cub scout camp last summer, several boys got bitten by fire ants. Some were screaming or crying (those things hurt!), I had mini vials in my tummy pouch, rubbed lavender on each bite, and it was like this: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-silence. They stopped mid scream! Some say it’s ‘all in your mind’, but I’ve also used lavender on my dogs who totally freak out when there’s a storm. They calm right down. Can’t tell me it’s all in THEIR mind! :) I enjoy your site very much, by the way! :) Valerie

    • says

      Love your stories Valerie! I totally thought it was “all in my head” when I first started using the oils too– but after having so much success with them, I know that they really and truly work! 😉

    • says

      I would try lemon, ginger, or peppermint to help alleviate nausea. I would smell lemon oil when I had morning sickness, and it would definitely help to cut the queasiness. :)

  10. Sarah says

    How long does it take you to go through a bottle of oils? I guess my question boils down to how much are you actually spending, say, per month on oils?

    • says

      It really depends on the oil– but since you generally only use a drop or two at a time, one bottle will last quite a while. I use more of oils like lemon– since I use them in my homemade cleaning products and sometimes in laundry. However, there are other ones that I’ve had for nearly a year and they are still half full.

  11. Susie P says

    Let us not forget that many, if not most, of the pharmaceutical products out there today are synthetic imitations of plant medicines that can be found on God’s great earth!

  12. Jaci says

    I’ve been interested in EO for a while but havent quite taken the leap yet. I would love 1 book that tells me which oil to use how and when. Any suggestions? Bonus points if it included herbs and medicinal plants from my garden…or even 1 great book on each.

  13. says

    Hi. Just found your blog thru the blog hop at frugallysustainable.com. I am a consultant also :) I love my oils and today, I was wearing Balance at work and a coworker came in and commented that it smelled so good in there. lol. I told them it was my essential oils.

  14. says

    We love our oils. OnGuard just got us thru repeated, up close and personal, exposure to the recent norovirus.. with only 25% of our family getting it and she got it VERY mild! I’d love if you would share your post with us at Eco-KIds Tuesday!!

  15. gin says

    i love your reason #6 most of all. as i get older, i find it more and more marvelous that He had these things sorted out for us long ago. scientists are always coming up with answers and solutions, then changing their minds 5 years later, and then we find something like essential oils right under our noses all along. how amused He must be by us sometimes. :)

  16. nicki says

    i love this…and your site. i just came across it. and i am considering this for the future:) i have a lot of oils . my question is this….i have read that eucalyptus smithii is the only variety safe for children. i have one from ananda aromatherapy as well calendula as i cannot seem to find those varieties any where else. what do you do if a home recipe calls for calendula? do you substitute? thanks so much!

  17. Mike says

    I’ve subscribed to your site in my reader for quite some time and when this Blogthings quiz showed up, I immediately thought of you.

    “What Kind of Essential Oil Are You?”


    I am a “relaxing essential oil”. I take the results from these things w/ a grain of salt, not giving them too much validity, but they’re still fun.

  18. Melissa says

    Thank you for the free e-book! I look forward to trying out some of these, but see that I must build up my collection first:) I found a recipe for homemade eczema cream which I am keen to try. However, it calls for Melrose blend. Can you give me any advice/proportions for blending my own with tee tree, rosemary, clove and niaouli.

  19. Sara Haugen says

    What essential oil would you recommend for nervousness/anxiety issues when flying or driving?

  20. Jane Pipia says

    I am a subscriber and I would love love love you rebook about essential oils. I am just getting into using them and I need to learn so much more. I can not seem to get the email do download it, can you help me?

  21. Sarah Z says

    What do you use the lemon for? Also, I have found for going to sleep, lavender has the opposite affect on me. I rub it on my feet and i have a harder time falling asleep. I’ve tried different tea blends (organic) specifically for insomnia and they do the same. Even when I use the therapeutic pure oils. I wish there was something that would actually help instead of needing to take melatonin every night so I don’t lay there awake for 2-4 hours. But I have found that mixing lavender, oregano, tea tree and frankincense with coconut oil is clearing up some horrible eczema that I get in the winter. And the immune help with the health of my family. I’m a new believer in eo’s!! :)

  22. Nicole says

    I just wanted to let you know that the link to the Cold and flu post goes to “page not found” I was REALLY hoping to see that because I am trying to help out my cousin with getting over something and for prevention (as well as personal reference) and couldn’t get to it.

    But, I have found some very helpful things from this blog, so thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  23. says

    Love, love, LOOOOOVE this post!! It amazes me everyday..the goodness God has given us! Time to go back and reconnect with nature and the things He has provided for us! :)

  24. ashley says

    i am brand new to the essential oils i have never used them before, i ordered from bulk apothecary,and my order should get here tue or wed i was wondering what the thoughts about this company is if any one has used their oils? they have awesome reviews on their website for most of their oils just looking for more experienced input i suppose :) cant wait untill they get here though!!

  25. kim says

    Is there a book on oils for animals.where do Yuri our put lavender on a dog for calming.
    stresses bad in car.

  26. says

    Another post, or an amendment to this one, about your essential essential oils you always keep in your medicine cabinet would be great :) What are the ones you won’t be without at any given time?

  27. Dawn says

    I’m allergic to Lavender and jasmine, is that an oil that I would be able to use in it’s place?

  28. Janine says

    Hi Jill!
    I am trying to download your essential oil book but since I didn’t do it when I originally subscribed to your website, it won’t let me? How do I do it now??
    Thank you~!

  29. Ellen says

    It’s all very nice but not convincing to me ( I don’t use EOs). Here’s my response to the points:
    1. I don’t get sick that often. I’m not feeling pressured to search for something different.
    2. I don’t like smelly stuff. Aromatherapy can make me feel ill. Even supposedly relaxing scents like lavender can be overpowering/overwhelming . If I get a massage (rare event) I tell the therapist no smelly things anywhere near my face. I would not be able to handle putting smelly stuff on for every little illness or injury.
    3. I don’t feel at the mercy of the system and un-empowered.
    5. I feel in great awe of my creator in spite of the fact that I don’t use EO. I appreciate the wonderful diversity and uses of nature that God made. Doesn’t mean I want to put everything in an oil and smell it.

    :) Just thought I’d share a different perspective with all the overwhelming EO love in these comments.


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