The Healthy Living Summit: 35 Online Interviews (Joel Salatin, Sally Fallon Morrell, & more!)

Healthy Life Summit

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get overwhelmed with all the “health” info out there…

I mean, it’s hard to know which is which sometimes… And what sources do you trust? Or better yet… Where do you even go to find good info?

I love being able to share valuable resources with my readers, and the resource I’m bringing to you today is no exception.

The Healthy Life Summit is a 7-day online conference that is streaming for FREE from March 24-30, 2013.


When I first saw the line up of speakers, I couldn’t help but get really, really excited. You can see the full list HERE, but these are the folks I most definitely will be tuning in to:

HLSjoelJoel Salatin of Polyface Farms. He’ll be discussing the industrial agriculture system and how far removed we are from the simple, sustainable joy that comes from living close to the land and the people we love. Joel explains why kids need chores, how backyard chickens and edible landscapes are the future, and discusses the folly of the synthetic-fertilizer-fueled Green Revolution.

HLSJeffrey_SmithJeffrey Smith, author of Seeds of Deception and Genetic Roulette– He’ll be covering the health and environmental hazards of GMOs, or genetically modified organisms. Learn how you can avoid being a lab rat in this frightening science experiment.


HLSBrandon_SheardBrandon Sheard of Farmstead Meatsmith– He’ll be talking about how he started Farmstead Meatsmith, a personal abattoir, butchery and charcuterie service that teaches people how to humanely slaughter and butcher animals.


HLSMark_McAfeeMark McAfee of Organic Pastures Raw Dairy– Since 1990, 90% of America’s dairies have gone out of business. Dairy farmers are being lied to and ripped off by the FDA. Learn why raw milk is the future for dairy and why raw milk is a superfood that creates vibrant health.

And that’s not even scratching the surface… There are 35 interviews that will be stretched over the course of 7 days.

Click here for the full line-up.

I especially love that these are audio presentations– so I can still listen and learn while holding babies or being elbow-deep in bread dough…

Sign Up for Free:

The Summit doesn’t start until March 24th, but I’m telling you about it today so you can get signed up right away. (Because if you are like me, you’ll read this post and promptly forget…)

All you have to do is visit this page and enter your email address to register. That’s it. You’ll receive updates during the Summit letting you know when the sessions are ready for listening. (But no spam, promise!)

Each interview/session is available to listen to for FREE for 24 hours after it’s posted.

However, I know that spring is a busy time for homesteads, and I know it’ll be hard for me to listen to 5 interviews each day. Thankfully, there is an option for us busy-folk:

Get 75% off by Pre-Ordering

If you would like to have permanent access to all 35 interviews to listen to anytime you wish, you have the chance to order the summit package for 75% off the regular price:

Until March 23rd at midnight, you can pre-order the Summit package for $49 (regular price $199).  That gives you permanent access to all 35 interviews and slideshows, so you can listen to them at your leisure.

Once the summit is in full-swing, the price of the download package will go up.

Click here to pre-purchase the Summit Package for $49.

I really hope you’ll join me in taking advantage of this educational experience! The only thing missing is the chance to get Joel Salatin’s autograph… But hopefully I’ll still have a chance to do that sometime in the future. 😉

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    What a power packed roundup of speakers! Tune into Robyn O’Brien. She’s as bright as they come and super passionate. I know her family…was good friends with one of her sisters in high school. Ready for spring? I sure am!

  2. says

    Thank you so much for posting this event! I am very excited about listening to a number of these speakers. I’ve heard of some of these individuals, and their observations on food and the food industry are the reasons why I became interested in the “real” food movement and homesteading. There is no better way to control the quality of food that you eat and your impact on the environment than to grow it yourself!

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