How to Make Granola in Your Slow Cooker

I love granola.

But I hate making it since I’m incredibly talented at burning it.

I’m really good at running outside while it’s cooking to “quickly” grab something, and then I find myself still outside 2 hours later having completely forgotten to check on my now blackened pan of oats…

So, when I stumbled upon the idea of making granola in my slow cooker, I was intrigued.

Yes, it IS still possible to burn it using this method, but thankfully it a little harder to do so.

It’s a simpler way to make a healthy alternative to those junkfood breakfast cereals. In fact, I enjoyed a bowl just this morning before heading outside to do my morning chores.

If you want to know more, head on over to Stacy Makes Cents where I’m guest posting today with my slow cooker granola recipe.


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  1. says

    Hi, just wanted to tell you I tried your recipe here and posted it on my blog with pictures as I made it. I linked back to your blog and recipe :) Feel free to come check it out!

  2. VulcanDeathGrip says

    I made crockpot granola yesterday, though not using any of your information, and it DID burn. Luckily I eat burned food but the boyfriend does it. So yes, be careful and watch it!