Christmas Gifts for the Homesteader in Your Life

No, I can’t believe it’s December. Yes, I am rebelling by refusing to put up the tree and decorations for at least another week or two…

I got a lot of my Christmas shopping finished up before Thanksgiving (love the convenience of online shopping!), but I still have a few stragglers to buy for.

I’ve put together a collection of gift ideas for those of you who have homesteading enthusiasts in your life. Or, maybe this list contains a few of your dream items and you can slyly send your husband or wife a link to this blog post. Either way, these are some items that I either can’t live without, or would absolutely love to have!

(Note: I am an affiliate of some of the companies listed below. That means, if you purchase anything through one of these links (including the Amazon ones), I will receive a small kickback that goes to helping me buy Christmas gifts this year. So, thank you for your support!)

For the Real Food Kitchen:

Most homesteaders spend a LOT of time in the kitchen, which means nothing makes their eyes light up like gadgets and tools to help them with their next big project.

How about giving the gift of fresh food year around? A water bath canner, set of canning tools, and a copy of the Ball Blue Book is a great way to get started in the world of home food preservation. Or splurge for a pressure canner (I still need one of these!) so beans, meats, and soups can be put up for later. Plus don’t forget a couple boxes of Tattler Reusable Canning Lids. I tried these for the first time this year and I’m officially in love.

Last year for Christmas, hubby got me a Nutri-Mill grain mill. He was quite the hero for that one. 😉 Store-bought whole wheat flour does NOT compare to freshly ground, plus it’s more frugal to buy wheat berries in bulk. Two other appliances I can’t live without in my real food adventures are my Kitchenaid Mixer and my Rival Crockpot. The mixer cuts down on my hands-on time, and the crock pot allows me to cook up big batches of pinto beans, chili, broth, and stew, without burning the house down.

If you are not looking to spend quite that much, then consider some quality cookware. You can’t go wrong with cast iron and stoneware. They cook infinitely better than their cheap counterparts, and they can be passed down from generation to generation. And don’t forget a pizza stone. They are a MUST for good homemade pizza.

Another item that I use on almost a daily basis is my big stainless steel stockpot like this one. It’s perfect for making yogurt, cheese, holding whey, picking veggies, double batches of soup, and many, many other things. And where would I be without my Pyrex liquid measuring cups and wooden spoons? And as far as cookbooks go, you can’t go wrong with two of my favorites: Joy of Cooking and Nourishing Traditions. I have them out all the time!

If you are still at a loss for ideas, pop on over to our newest sponsor, Pantry Paratus. They are my dream kitchen store and have everything a person could ever need for cooking the old fashioned way. They won’t dissapoint!

 For the Barn Yard:

Homesteader’s Supply is a great one-stop resource for everything homestead related. They have home dairy equipment, books, kitchen tools, preservation supplies, seeds, and more. Or if you can’t decide, perhaps your homesteader might enjoy a gift certificate?

Any home dairy enthusiast is a sucker for a good stainless steel bucket. How about this 13 quart pail from Amazon? And a copy of Keeping a Family Cow or Goats Produce, Too.

If your friend or family member is still figuring out what they want out of their future homestead, then The Backyard Homestead is a great resource packed full of practical ideas and tips.

 A Few Other Ideas:

Most homesteaders seem to have a love affair with doing laundry, and nothing is more romantic than hanging clothes outside to dry. Clotheslines are nice, but handcrafted drying racks are nicer. Homestead Drying Racks is a family owned company that creates gorgeous racks for your laundry that are actually functional. They aren’t flimsy, and they come in a variety of sizes. I have the biggest one (The Homesteader), and I used it all summer. One of the next items on my wish list is one of their Hand Plunge Washers.

If drying racks aren’t quite your style, then how about a gift basket from Graham Gardens? I recently received a sampling of their products, and I am in love! They are also a family owned company who specializes in natural skincare. They have hard lotions, soaps, chapsticks, baby goodies, and more. If I had to choose, I’d have to say my favorite project is their Creature Comfort salve. I use it on our milk cow and she loves it. But I also like the Butter Bars, and the Gardener’s Hand Repair, and…. Not to mention, their product packaging is absolutely beautiful and definitely gift-worthy.

  If the person you are buying for is a technology fan, consider giving the gift of an eBook. Modern Alternative Mama’s    cookbooks are great places to start. There is Against the Grain, Real Food Basics, Health Pregnancy Super Foods, and Treat Yourself. And check out Katie Kimball’s latest release– it’s called Smart Sweets and is jam-packed full of nutritious dessert options. The best part about eBooks is that they are free to ship!



So are you feeling inspired yet? I sure hope so! If you have any other ideas, please share them with us in the comments!

Oh, and guess what?

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  1. says

    Great post! :-) I would like a water bath canner, but I am having a hard time justifying it…..I usually can with my Mama, so it would seem weird to have two sets. Maybe one day.

  2. says

    Jill, I’d love to know what others think about using a pressure canner or a pressure cooker (and are they the same thing) – can you use it to make beans, etc. faster? I think I’d make beans more often if I could. Perhaps Santa will bring me one! 😉

    • Jill says

      Good questions Amy! I’m curious as well. I have never used either one, but I think the canner will be something I purchase soon. Definitely need to do more research, though!

  3. says

    Oh, those are fantastic gift ideas. I’m in love with drying racks for clothes and that hand plunger washer. Those are really practical, get the job done and don’t require electricity :) :) love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  4. Cathy says

    Great ideas! My dream gift is a Le Creuset dutch oven, but they are so stinking expensive. I’ve been watching them on Ebay for over two years and haven’t found an affordable one yet, although used are still less than new. I can’t complain, though, because I DID get my other dream gift for Christmas this year- a “newsed” McCall saddle, which I’ve been longing over for years. I just can’t cook with it! (Horse hairs in stew….not a good thing)

  5. amber says

    Great ideas, my mother is becoming a homesteader and regular gift ideas just don’t work for her

  6. Zabrina says

    Oh how this makes me wish for Christmas! Maybe I can get the hubby to get me some of these for my birthday and our anniversary? Haha I’m sure as heck going to try!

  7. says

    I love this Christmas list! My hubby and I have a dream of our own little homestead one day and I have been looking for ways to get started or studying now. This post fit the bill. Now I can get started. Thanks for sharing!
    -Hannah Wetzel
    Heavenly Homes & Forever Families

  8. says

    I’d skip the canner, and I say this from experience. I had that brand/type, and it lasted less than two years before it developed a leak while in use! Spend the money and just buy a GOOD stainless steel canner and avoid the misery.