Lilla Rose Review & GIVEAWAY

As many of you know, sometimes when you are knee-deep in running a homestead, something’s gotta give.

And… the thing that “gives” around my house is my hair, unfortunately.


1. I’m too cheap. I hate spending money on hair cuts and dye jobs. It literally pains me to hand over the debit card for those purchases. I’d rather buy cheesemaking equipment or tractor implements or useful things like that…

2. Time. You know, my favorite way to spend a Saturday is in the salon being pampered while I get my roots touched up and my nails done. HA. Yeah. right.

3. The cows don’t care. For some reason, I have an incredibly hard time spending 30 minutes in the morning to curl and style my hair. And, my long hair is usually tied up anyway since it bugs me to have hair in my face while I’m milking, cleaning pens, digging potatoes, or fencing…


I still like my hair to look pretty when I am out in public or at church on Sunday.


I also seem to be hair-challenged (just ask my sister), since I have such little practice with it.

So, what’s a girl to do?

Get some Lilla Rose clips, of course!

I’ve been hearing about Lilla Rose clips for some time, but have never tried one until recently when Jill Wright, a Lilla Rose Independent Consultant, sent me one to try.

I’ll admit, I was unsure at first. I was worried about figuring out how to use it and when I would wear it.

But after just a few minutes of playing around with my new clip, I have to say I was immediately impressed!

In no time at all, I was experimenting with a variety of styles, and I love that it gives my hair an instant “pretty” touch, without much fuss on my part.

I’ve been experimenting with wearing it around the homestead lately, and it’s very functional. It adds a nice little touch of femininity, without feeling like I’m overdressed. No longer do I feel the need to run for the nearest baseball cap whenever someone pulls in the driveway!

I also love the variety of styles and sizes available. There are plenty of options, even for “non-frilly” gals like me. I chose a medium sized Flexi-Clip as my hair is long and fairly thick. It works great for up-dos, though I am considering getting a small size for “half-ups”.


But the best part is that one lucky reader has the chance to win a $15 gift certificate for anything on the Lilla Rose website!

You can choose a Flexi-Clip or some of the other functional and feminine accessories that are available.

There are multiple ways to win:

1. ***Mandatory Entry*** Visit Jill’s Lilla Rose website, ooh and ahh over all the lovelies, then come back and comment on which is your favorite flexi-clip.

2. (Bonus Entry) Watch the sizing video on Jill’s website and come back and leave a separate comment on which size flexi you’d wear.

3. (Bonus Entry) Follow The Prairie Homestead on Twitter and tweet this giveaway. Come back and leave a separate comment saying you did.

4. (Bonus Entry) Subscribe to The Prairie Homestead via RSS or email. Leave a separate comment saying you did.

And though it can’t count for an entry due to Facebook rules, be sure to visit Jill’s Lilla Rose Facebook page!

Giveaway ends Wednesday, October 5th at midnight. Winner will be randomly drawn and announced shortly after on the blog. Good luck!

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  1. Lindsey says

    I just wanted to say that I have 3 of these clips. I got my first one at least 5 years ago, maybe more. Since then I’ve splurged on two more, each a few years apart. I have to admit that when they are all sitting next to each other I think, “Wow, that’s a lot of money on just those 3 clips.” But luckily I’ve never lost one. They NEVER break. They are super awesome. Fancy and casual.

  2. says

    Please enter me! I went to Lilla Rose’s website for my first entry. Wow. True confession, I was really enamored with her hair sticks! They would be wonderful for my long hair.

    But… my fav flexi was the scrollwork heart.

  3. Amy R. says

    I would wear just about any of these! But I think I like the Princess Tiara ones the most, probably the one with the little blue stone best (#1556). A close runner-up is the Hematite one. If I could/can bring myself to spend money on personal beauty, I would definitely buy from Jill Wright–she’s been a great friend and mentor for many years.

  4. shannon thompson says

    i like the skull one be perfect since halloween is right arround the corner…


  5. Carol says

    I like the open flower in silver, I could use extra small through medium.
    But I would have to get some for my granddaughters too!

  6. Lisa Suit says

    My favorite would have to be the Hawaiian flower flexi-clip with the pink and brown beads-but I think I love all of them! :)

  7. Ruth says

    1-0730 Etched Lily
    Product # [1-0730]
    Etched lily with antiqued beadwork, Small

    This is just one that I really like!

  8. Tania Southwick says

    I absolutely LOVE the Hawaiian flower clip! I’m the same way with my hair- pulled back with no fuss, so this is perfect!

  9. Diane Bell says

    I hadn’t heard of these until I saw my friend Melissa win one. I just went to site!
    AMAZING!! I’d like to see a catalog! If possible, could you bring one Friday?
    I would probably wear large, and my girls small and maybe pins! I see these as Christmas and upcoming Birthday presents!!

  10. Foxmom says

    1-0738 Scrollwork Heart is the one I like best. There’s so many pretty ones but that goes best with my other jewelry. 😉

  11. Jasmine B says

    According to the video…I would do best with a medium to large flexi clip to control the crazy curls!

  12. Ileen says

    I would like to try the extra-small Scroll-work heart for a half-up. I have a small silver Celtic cross clip that I just love.