A Letter to my Clothesline

Dear Clothesline,

We’ve had a good thing going, you and me. I have spent many a summer afternoon by your side, faithfully hanging diapers, sheets, shirts, socks, and onesies.

You’ve always done me right. You’ve kept hold of my laundry through extreme heat, hurricane-force winds, and even the occaisional thunderstorm.

You’ve saved me lots of money and kept my house from becoming even more stifling in the summer heat.

I’ve enjoyed your company and your dedication. But you may have noticed that I haven’t been out to visit you as often as before. And I must be honest.

It’s because I’ve fallen in love with another…

The Homestead Drying Rack.

I wasn’t sure at first. It arrived in a big cardboard box; a jumble of sticks and dowels. I assumed it would be a companion to you, just an additional member of the team. I really did.

But the more time we spent together, my heart was swept away. It sits on the front deck, just steps from my front door. No more traipsing to the backyard with my laundry basket, the rack is just so easily accessible.

It holds everything I need it to… Sheets, all sizes of clothing, towels, and even my cloth diapers. It takes me half the time to hang clothes now, and I don’t have to fuss with finding enough clothespins.

Though I hate to admit it, you were always a fair-weather friend. But not my drying rack. No longer will I have to settle for using the electric dryer in the wintertime when you are covered with ice and snow. The drying rack will come into the living room and go to work there. You won’t hold that against me, will you? Surely you understand.

So I’m sorry, I really am. But don’t worry, I won’t take you down. I’ll still come to visit you every so often… just for old times sake.



Ok, so that was a tongue-in-cheek review of my new rack from Homestead Drying Racks. But don’t let the cuteness fool you, I love this thing! Like I said above, I really didn’t expect to use it as much as I have. I mean, who cares what you hang your clothes on, as long as they are dry, right?

Wrong! I am finding myself FAR preferring my drying rack. It has saved me so much time and I love how accessible it is right out on the front deck. Just throw the clothes over the sturdy wooden dowels and you are good to go. Plus, it’s big enough that I have yet to run out of room- even with my biggest loads of blankets or diapers!

My rack hard at work

The craftsmanship is excellent, and the assembly directions are thorough and easy to follow. I haven’t used my clothesline since we assembled the rack, and I don’t see myself going back to it, especially with winter coming.

Here’s what it comes down to: if you are just planning to hang clothes outside to dry “for fun” once per month or so, then you probably don’t need a rack. However, if you are looking at taking the lifestyle of homesteading/off-grid living/sustainability more seriously, then it’s important to have the quality tools you need to complete your tasks as efficiently as possible. I don’t know about you, but anything that helps me save time and hassle around our homestead is very worth it to me!

My only caveat is to do some measuring before you order if you have a tiny house. I recieved the largest rack they make (The Homesteader), and it is BIG. It’s perfect for us, since we have a good sized deck to use it with, but if you have an apartment or tiny balcony, you might want to make sure the size you order will fit your space. Thankfully, Daniel and Abby make 3 different sizes to fit any sized homestead.

(Photo Credit: Homestead Drying Racks)

So regardless of whether you are thinking about becoming off-grid or are just looking to save a little money on the electric bill and increase your sustainability, I definitely think a drying rack is a must have!

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  1. says

    Great post, love the letter! I love my clothesline too but she is certainly a fair weather friend. My plan is to use the heat from our two woodstoves this winter for drying so a rack like this is great. Thanks for the review!

  2. Eileen B says

    We heat with wood. My husband made me a clothes rack that is attatched to my ceiling. A rope lowers it so I can put clothes on it, and then raise it up to the ceiling again for drying, and we can still walk under most things. Love it! I also have an outside one, and an extra drying rack like yours. Love having options.:)

    • Jill says

      Yes, it will tip over if the winds are strong. (We live in WY with 50+ mph winds though… So we are on the extreme.) But, I still am able to use it quite a bit considering.

  3. Cynthia says

    After begging for 2 years, I finally got my clothesline and I love it. My only problem is that is doesn’t hold enough and I can’t use it in winter. Sometimes I have to load and unload 3 times just for one wash load of clothes. Hubby thinks clotheslines are ‘trailer trash’ and is embarrassed to see his laundry on view – although only horses see it on a regular basis – so I haven’t convinced him to put up another line yet. Maybe if I put a drying rack in the guest room where he can’t see it, I can dry clothes without the dryer year round.
    Hubby also dislikes the stiffness of towels that are line dried. Any ideas?

  4. Brandi says

    I’ve been looking for a solution to my electricity sucking dryer for a while but was worried we couldn’t have a clothesline. This is definitely a great idea and it made my day a little brighter. Thank you.


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