Whole Food Cakes for Baby

Prairie Baby turned one this week! It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year. But on the other hand, I can scarcely remember what life was like without her!

Of course, every year old needs the obligatory cake to smash and smear into their hair and clothes. It just wouldn’t be a first birthday party without it! 

We’ve been pretty careful with what Prairie Baby eats up to this point. We are still breastfeeding, and I try to make sure she eats exclusively whole foods (although we can’t always be purists, especially when eating away from home…). I’ve held back on the majority of grains and dairy to this point, just to be safe. Although I don’t flip out if she eats a bit of tortilla now and then.

Prairie Baby is an adventurous eater who has yet to turn anything down. She has a pretty “advanced” palate for a one-year-old. She loves well-seasoned foods with lots of flavor; garlic, onions, sausage, and she even scarfed down a bit of sourdough bread I offered her the other day. Who says kids will only eat pizza and chicken nuggets?

So I just couldn’t bring myself to feed her a sugary, processed cake from the store with loads of hydrogenated frosting and refined ingredients. Nope, just couldn’t do it. Even for a birthday.

I was excited to find several whole food, first birthday cake ideas as I was surfing around the blogosphere.

I chose a whole wheat, sourdough cake from with cultured goat cheese frosting for our party (links below). While it wasn’t super sweet, Prairie Baby thought it was just right, and had a great time making a mess with it.

Of course, use discretion with anything you feed your child. Obviously, not all of these recipes will be a fit for every family- it depends on whether or not your family eats grains or has dairy allergies, etc. 

That being said, these cakes are a great alternative to store-bought cakes or those made with sugary boxed mixes, especially if you are avoiding grains or gluten in your family!

1. Basic Chocolate Sourdough Cake from GNOWFGLINS. Chocolate-y, yet not too sweet, this is the recipe I chose for our party. Even though this cake is not grain-free, I think that the souring/fermenting of the grains helps a lot. I also made the Citrus Yogurt Cheese frosting, but instead of yogurt cheese, I used the soft, cultured cheese found in the Fundamentals eCourse.

2. Chocolate Banana Birthday Cake from Frugal Granola. This looks like an amazing cake, it was a close runner-up! It can be gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, and nut-free! Perfect if your family is sensitive to those things. Yum!

3. Black Bean Brownies from Naturally Knocked Up. Another grain-free alternative! I’ve made these before, and thought they were great, even though hubby couldn’t quite get over the idea of beans in his brownies. But these would be a great first birthday cake. Imagine them topped with real whipped cream and fresh strawberries? Oh my!

4. Chocolate Mousse Cake from Naturally Knocked Up. Grain-free again! You could easily substitute the cocoa powder with carob powder instead, and leave out the Kaluha. I think the adults would have no probably eating this delicious cake as well!

5. White Bean Vanilla Cake from the Against the Grain ebook. This cake is on my list of try-very-soon recipes! It sounds so moist and decadent, as well as being grain-free! The recipe calls for honey, so you might want to substitute maple syrup instead if you are making it for a small child (honey isn’t advised for children under the age of 1, because of botulism). The Against the Grain ebook is an awesome, affordable resource, with a total of 30 amazing recipes!

It was a fun little party, and I felt good knowing I didn’t compromise on our whole-food convictions for our kids!

Do you have any good first birthday cake ideas or recipes to share?

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  1. Kristi says

    Thanks for posting this list! My daughter is only 8 months old, but I was already beginning to worry about her first birthday cake. She’s had no grains so far and her favorite food is steak. LOL I’ll be trying a few before her party to see which one we like best. I <3 taste testing! And happy birthday to Prairie Baby!

  2. Emma Powell says

    We are using high fat desserts for birthdays now, like cheesecake, so no need for a lot of grain (or grain-free alternative crust) nor extra sugar in frosting. I figure if we are going to eat sugar, I try to mitigate it with as much fat as possible.